By the Numbers

operations platformOver $1.3BN

Tracked in Annual Advertising Spend

order managementOver 238BN

Impressions Annually

data visualizationOver 2.3BN

Clicks Annually


Keep tabs on all your marketing and advertising in one place

Increase productivity, make better decisions, and automate reporting with TapClicks.

Over 150 native marketing connectors covering Digital, Print, Broadcast: Connect them in an instant

Deeper connectors: we offer more metrics than anyone else, confirmed by Forrester.

A Data Importer that takes in virtually any other data — including your excel files — for combined visualizations

Stunning Dashboard Visualizations: Enhance your ability to make the right decisions

Advanced graphing of data via Line, Bar, Pie, Area, Geo, Big Number, Funnel, Gauge Media and other Widgets

9 visually stunning themes and 6 pre-built categories, or build your own categories and custom metrics.

Export Reports in the file type you want: PDF, Excel, Word, or HTML

Automate: Schedule Automatic Delivery of Reports Right to your Inbox

White-label: Make the reports your own via adding a logo, custom domain, renaming tools, and more

Solutions for your team members, and your industry.


A dashboard that brings all of your data together.

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Unified task/workflow management plus automated reporting.

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Making it easier to close deals and upsell.

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Clearly see progress and opportunities to accelerate.

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Media Companies

Solutions that just simply make you better.

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Reporting solved, performance improved, time saved.

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Dashboards that improve communication and trust.

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Easily visualize performance data and facilitate communication.

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What they are saying about us

"TapClicks saves my team and myself countless hours a month in vendor reporting, vendor management and estimating accruals. Their consolidated vendor views, summarized dashboards, and widgets make us better. Furthermore, they listen to our feedback, keep us updated on what they are working on, and continually deliver. I see TapClicks as more than a platform -- rather as a key partner of ours. And, one of our best."


"TapClicks understands the cost and complexity of importing, managing, and reporting on marketing campaign data. We shared our current manual process and our vision for generating reports with them. And, they helped streamline and automate the process, and are saving us enough in man-hours alone to achieve our ROI goals. Most importantly, we now have a tool that helps us attract new clients as well as upsell and better retain our existing clients."

"The ability to scale reporting and data compilation through TapAnalytics allows us to spend more time on campaign management and optimization."

"What we were doing before was cobbling together reports from all these different platforms. Then, we’d go see clients with what would look like 5 different reports that really didn’t look like they belonged together, and it really wasn’t very professional. So, now to have a report that’s integrated, that’s in a dashboard, and it comes with the customer’s branding, it really makes for a more professional presentation. It’s really that reporting that helps keeps that contract sold, helps that merchant renew month over month, and everyone goes home happy."


"Our operations and reporting teams were pulling out their hair on a daily basis trying to keep up with all the data that was coming in. Then, we found TapClicks and it has changed our life. It pulls in all of our data into one easy to access and easy to use dashboard that is both beautiful and functional. And, they are always at least four steps ahead of us on what we need from data analysis and campaign management. We would highly recommend them to everyone."

"TapAnalytics helps our clients toll up all campaign information in a single dashboard, with customizable, on-demand reporting, saving a huge amount of time and effort. And, sophisticated analytics help in optimizing our campaigns."

"The TapClicks platform accurately pulls in data, clearly displays analytics, and automates our ability to provide reporting to clients. TapClicks was easy to get up and running. We rapidly set up dashboards, and are now managing thousands of accounts. And it works: an incredibly positive experience."

Brian Page

Digital Revenue Products Director at the E.W. Scripps Company

Greg Dowd

President of Epsilon - Local

Chris Loretto

Senior Vice President of Digital at Digital First Media

Daryl Hively

Founder/CEO Guarantee Digital

Steve Blanshan

Managing Partner
PunchDrunk Digital Ad Agency

Kevin Layton

CEO, Data-Dynamix

Joanna Napies

Director of Analytics, AdTaxi


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