A Marketer's Guide to Client Reporting

TapClicks Webinar: A Marketer's Guide to Client Reporting

Learn the magic of client reporting and the growth-driven benefits it can provide when done right!
Watch our most recent webinar, A MARKETER'S GUIDE TO CLIENT REPORTING with Scott Guttenberger, Director of Enterprise Marketing and David Drew, Director of Sales Enablement.

In this session we will discuss:

- Why You Should Become Excellent at Client Reporting - How to Create a Client Report with a Data Storytelling Arc - Benefits of Client Reporting - Reporting Examples


David Drew, Director of Sales Enablement

David Drew,

Director of Sales Enablement

Scott, Director of Enterprise Marketing


Director of Enterprise Marketing


Questions & Answers


How do we add Google My Business data?

Goggle My Business is an instant-on connection. You simply connect the service with your login information to start your data flowing into TapClicks.


Is there a way to flag a metric if it hits a certain level within the dashboard, without using the email function?

Not right now.


Have you considered regional training sessions in various US cities, or at your corporate office?

We have! That will be coming within the year. For now, your Customer Success Manager can give you individual training.


When will you have more than 5 total pixels from Trade Desk?

It is on the road-map to come.


If we decide to create a DIY/custom data view, will we be able to keep all of our current analytics data views that we have or would they get turned off?

If the DIY/custom data view was built with dimensions we have in no other views they keep all enabled views. However if we rebuild an existing view to meet client needs more accurately then yes we will ask the client to migrate and disable the other. For example, if the client had the Demographics view on and then moved to the DIYs we have for Age and Gender we would migrate and disable.


For an online campaign for a brick & mortar client who doesn't have Google Analytics or doesn't want to share it, what data do you recommend sharing to demonstrate ROI (since we don't have conversion data)?

If you don't have Google Analytics then you're going to need a keyword rank tracking tool, that will allow you to track Geographically specific keywords as if you're actually searching from a specific city and or zip code. You can then show a return on investment by showing improvement from that 3rd party vantage point. Perhaps doing a Keyword SEO ROI forecast based on what likely keywords they could rank for, their volume, the revenue generated per sale and the site's conversion rate.


Do you have examples of dashboards that show both digital and traditional media?

Definitely. You can contact us at customercare@tapclicks.com or reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they'll be able to share these dashboards with you.


What Makes TapClicks different from the other reporting tools out there?

TapClicks is the leading provider of unified marketing operations, analytics, and reporting solutions for media companies, digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises, and HIPAA covered entities. The TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform provides end-to-end business intelligence capabilities that include SEO, social and PPC reporting, automated order entry, set up and approval workflows, marketing performance analysis and the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations. TapClicks integrates more than 200 different data sources via its Connector Marketplace to provide marketers with the ability to analyze data from the full breadth of popular marketing and advertising tools used in the industry today.