Introducing 5 New Industry-Specific Marketing Analytics Dashboards

TapClicks Dashboard Sections

As a digital agency, you've already experienced the power of a smart, well-organized, and comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboard. Stunning visualizations give you the ability to tell a story to your clients with ease. Not to mention, when everyone on your team has access to the same real-time analytics, it's far easier to communicate data-based marketing and make advertising decisions.

At TapClicks, we take pride in our robust dashboard offerings and know it's the number one way to demonstrate marketing success to clients. While we are proud of our technology, we also make it a priority to continue to innovate our dashboards and find more ways to provide agencies with custom tools.

Enter our 5 new industry-specific dashboards. Our development team has built 5 industry-specific dashboards that will help you tell a better data story to clients in very specific niches. We've already built out dashboards for the following industries: automotive, insurance, food and beverage, manufacturing, and dental but we have no plans at stopping there. In the next few months, you'll see us roll out several new industry-specific dashboards that will help you tailor your reporting to clients working in different niches.

Here is a closer look at each industry dashboard template and how they will help you better serve your clients.

1. Automotive Marketing Dashboards

Automotive Marketing Dashboard

Understanding the performance of an automotive dealership is no easy task. From the Services Department to Marketing and Sales, you're wasting precious time and money building custom reports by gathering data from different systems. With automotive dashboard templates from TapClicks, we've pulled all of that data together to simplify and streamline your internal reporting systems.

2. Insurance Marketing Dashboards

Insurance Marketing Dashboard

With as many real-time issues as your insurance clients face on any given day, they can't afford to be making uninformed business decisions. At TapClicks, we understand your need for real-time data, especially when it helps guide marketing and advertising decisions. Because of this need, we've built custom insurance agency dashboard templates designed to optimize the way your agency reports on its success.

3. Food and Beverage Marketing Dashboards

With the food and beverage dashboards from TapClicks, you can manage multiple brands & restaurants with in-depth analytics & advanced reporting. The TapClicks reporting platform helps you improve operational visibility across all your outlets. Our intelligent BI dashboards provide solutions that organize and consolidates business critical data into easy-to-view reports.

4. Manufacturing Marketing Dashboards

Looking to report on all manufacturing departments in one report? Welcome to the manufacturing dashboard from TapClicks. We've built a comprehensive dashboard that encompasses all departments and facilitates smooth functioning interdepartmental processes. This dashboard gives you clear insight into all aspects of manufacturing processes.

5. Dental Marketing Dashboards

Imagine trying to squeeze the right data for your dental clients out of a manufacturing or automotive dashboard. It just wouldn't make sense. That's why we have built a custom dental dashboard as well. At Tapclicks we help you understand your customer behavior and provide insights about your dental clients. It just makes sense to customize your reporting based on the industry your specific industry.

Why Build Custom Dashboards?

Now that we've introduced our new 5 custom dashboard, it's worth asking why use these dashboards for your respective clients instead of using one template for all clients, no matter their industry?

We're glad you asked.

As an agency, you know how different each industry is. What works for one industry in terms of marketing and advertising may not work at all for another. Similarly, the type of data you include for clients of one industry will vary greatly from the type of data you include for clients of another industry. Rather than spending time customizing reports over and over, it makes more sense to have an industry-related template that is already customized for you. Then, all you have to do is hook up your data sources and set up your reporting schedule.

Top benefits include:

  • You spend less time gathering data,
  • When you tell a better data story, you build revenue and reduce churn, and
  • With custom dashboards, it's easy to communicate your ROI.

We are excited for you to start using these new dashboards and can't wait to hear what you think of them. As you get familiar with these new dashboards, remember to keep your eyes open as we continue to roll out new templates.