"Not only was TapClicks Marketing Cloud platform what we needed, it was at the right price point, and their customer service was just what we needed to help us achieve our goals." - Trent Arkema Vice President Of Marketing

Executive Summary

SmartBox, LLC is a full-service digital agency that serves healthcare provider clinical practices in the United States and Canada. The agency has begun expanding into the United Kingdom and Australia. SmartBox offers a full range of digital solutions for its clients, including website design & hosting, SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Reputation Enhancement, Video Storytelling & Social Proof. They differentiate themselves by providing high-quality online marketing solutions entirely in-house, including in-house video production.

The Challenge

SmartBox needed to build trust with their Healthcare industry clients and share the ROI results from the various marketing programs they run on their behalf.

Capturing and sharing that performance data without compromising HIPAA data privacy and security provisions while safeguarding patient medical information was a requirement SmartBox would not compromise. The company was also looking to make performance data more actionable with real-time data analysis that could be used to optimize media campaigns running across a variety of channels.

Before Smartbox started partnering with CallRail to correlate ad placements with call responses and TapClicks for Marketing Performance Management they were managing data and reporting using Spreadsheets. Which was labor intensive, prone to error, and it lacked security and business agility. Building client reports manually by pulling marketing data with this level of volume from disparate source systems in heterogeneous data structures took SmartBox CSMs 400+ hours a month to fulfill historical performance reports. One example of the volume and complexity of data SmartBox was managing is where they use CallRail for call tracking and campaign attribution. The company manages 46k calls a month and tags those calls to precisely identify key metrics such as; New Patient Opportunity - Existing Patient Scheduled - and Follow-up against various client ad campaigns. Smartbox was spending more time building reports and less time improving results, and being a trusted adviser to their clients.

The Solution

In order to report on OmniChannel ad performance and analyze various channel performance to make real-time optimization recommendations, the company needed to blend data from CallRail with other channels such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, SnapChat, Instagram, and more.

Smartbox needed a solution that would allow them to aggregate, manage and report on marketing performance data without compromising HIPAA compliance requirements and one that met their budget and customer service needs. Using TapClicks Analytics SmartBox created a Practice Health Score model that identifies 4 factors that predict client retention and expansion. One metric was how many times the client logs into Practice HQ, which is the company's white labeled TapClicks Marketing Cloud solution. Other client retention metrics that go into the SmartBox Practice Health Score are monthly new patient opportunity goals, and total CSM direct contact percentages. By blending data from CallRail tagging and various ad campaign channels, the company was able to more precisely track opportunity conversion for each client.

The Results

The flexibility that TapClicks delivers, and their level of commitment to customer support helps us deliver what our clients need, and is a big reason why we've stayed with TapClicks for so long. -SmartBox

80% reduction in time to build reports from 400 hours a month. 9000 new patient opportunities per month driven by SmartBox for clients.


Clients now have access to real-time marketing performance dashboards and CSMs no longer spend their time gathering data and managing spreadsheets, rather they're focused on improving the SmartBox client experience. The Smartbox marketing team is more agile and able to adjust campaign criteria on the fly for improved ad program performance. Today SmartBox is able to proactively optimize campaigns day-to-day, instead of month-to-month. As a result, the company has been able to proactively manage clients' ad results, and clearly compare the channels SmartBox is driving traffic from vs. traffic from their clients' other non-SmartBox lead channels to demonstrate how SmartBox marketing performance compares.

This analysis showed that SmartBox drove over 9000 new patient opportunities per month for their clients, whereas channels not being managed by SmartBox drove less than 200 opportunities in that same time frame. By working with both CallRail and TapClicks the company was able to clearly show the ROI being delivered to clients. By enabling clients with a more complete picture of the Marketing performance SmartBox was able to expand services, increase overall investment, and improve the level of trust from their clients.


TapClicks, Inc. is the leading provider of unified marketing operations, analytics, and reporting solutions for media companies, digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises, and HIPAA-covered entities. The TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform provides end-to-end business intelligence capabilities that include SEO, social and PPC reporting, automated order entry, set up and approval workflows, marketing performance analysis, and the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations. TapClicks integrates more than 200 different data sources via its Connector Marketplace to provide marketers with the ability to analyze data from the full breadth of popular marketing and advertising tools used in the industry today.