Executive Summary

PunchDrunk Digital was founded by Steve and Marcy Blanshan, a husband and wife power team that worked at the executive level in the media world for nearly two decades before opening the doors at PunchDrunk.

PunchDrunk Digital is a full service digital ad agency that primarily works with traditional agencies as their digital extension. They provide a smart and strategic approach to anything from PPC and SEO to OTT and streaming audio, and any and every other digital advertising service that a traditional agency may need.

PunchDrunk Digital isn't like any other ad agency. They provide best of class results while making the advertising process fun and inclusive for clients.

The Challenge

Before finding TapClicks, the team at PunchDrunk Digital wasn't using any type of reporting tool. To keep track of campaign progress, they were logging into each individual marketing platform to monitor progress and download data. To create client reports, they would have to manually merge the data from each different data source.

The process of doing reporting manually was overwhelming time consuming. The team at PunchDrunk Digital was spending half of the month pulling data and putting reports together.

The founders, Steve and Marcy, made a goal to find a tool that would bring all of their data into one, convenient location. They wanted to be able to assimilate data together, quickly break up individual parts of data, under- stand how much they were spending, and see how one piece of a certain campaign was affecting another.

"PunchDrunk Digital isn't like any other ad agency. They provide best of class results while making the advertising process fun and inclusive for clients."

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The Solution

To solve their reporting challenges, Steve and Marcy looked at different data aggregation platforms. As soon as they found TapClicks, they adopted it as the solution to all their data and reporting problems.

In fact, Steve said, "TapClicks far and away blew away the competition to the point I don't even remember what the names of your competitors were, and we've never looked back." TapClicks helped PunchDrunk digital save time, become more efficient, and aggregate data into one place. It was just what they were looking for in a marketing data dashboard.

Highlights of TapClicks as Reported by PunchDrunk Digital Ad Agency

Speed."By being able to aggregate our data into one location, we now get things done in a much quicker way than we used to."

Automation."We've automade some report processes that used to be Excel spreadsheets. Our clients are loving our new visual representations combined with the ability to look at their data in near real-time."

Efficiency."We believe our campaigns are running more efficiently now, because we are able to streamline our data and compare it side-by-side."

Aggregation."TapClicks helped us aggregate data into one place. We can now aggregate data and get deeper insights about campaign performance."

Deeper analysis."We now spend the hours that we used to spend on reporting to delve deeper into campaign analysis."

Quality time."With the help of TapClicks, we can now spend more time with our clients instead of with reports."

Quantifiable Results, ROI, and Benefits from Using TapClicks

Time saving."We are saving 15 to 20 hours a month on reporting since using TapClicks."

Client acquisition."In the time we've started using TapClicks, and there are other reasons that contribute to this number, but we've grown our client base by over 150 percent."

Real-time insights."All the information we need about our campaigns is fed to us in one place. We now know exactly where we stand with every client campaign in that exact moment."

Highly professional."TapClicks, to us, is more of what you'd expect from a Madison Avenue type agency, but we are able to provide that same type of access to our clients."

Superior customer service."TapClicks also has superior customer service. We worked with 30-40 different vendors, and there hasn't been anyone at the same level of our dedicated customer support manager from TapClicks. Steve has helped us understand how to best use Tapclicks, how to implement TapClicks into our agency, and how we can take the product and fit our individual needs."

Full customizable."Our customer support manager helped us fully customize TapClicks to our agency and at no extra charge."