OVC Online Marketing Increases Value for Clients with ApexChat and TapClicks

Founded in 2008, OVC Online Marketing is a full-service digital agency offering a variety of services exclusively to the Legal industry, including website design and development, content marketing, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, legal directories, video production, and social media. The agency is committed to exceeding client expectations. To do that, they use, TapClicks to deliver analytical program performance reporting and ApexChat to improve site traffic conversions for customers.

The partnership and capabilities of TapClicks and ApexChat helps us outperform larger competitors' services and results.

OVC Online Marketing

The Challenge

OVC wanted to provide greater value and performance insights to their customers by helping them increase website lead engagement and conversion, and they leveragedApexChatfor live chat interaction to help deliver that experience.

In addition, OVC needed to blend performance reporting fromApexChat, landing page forms, call tracking, Google, organic, and PPC traffic in order to give clients a more accurate picture of marketing attribution performance and conversion metrics. Aggregating data from these various sources, building reporting and comparing the results was manual and time consuming.

Preparing reports from Google Analytics on each client's website was a job that had to be done manually in order to identify the Bot based traffic vs the people based. This meant preparing client performance reporting required hours of manually creating reports, printing, and reviewing all the necessary data.

We needed to be able to filter the traffic sources on our client websites, such as valid organic vs. bot traffic, in order to give clients a more precise under- standing of website and conversion performance they were experiencing.

Greg Wildman, President, OVC

The Solution

With the help of TapClicks and ApexChat, the OVC Agency team was able to combine data from Google Analytics with chat data and use data-visualized reporting to segment bot vs. live traffic chat volume. This gave OVC insights that they were able to transform into actionable intelligence to improve their clients' performance and billing.

Clients are now billed based on chats that meet specific conversion criteria. Using TapClicksAnalytics and ApexChat, OVC is able to provide traffic analysis that gives clients a precise understanding of their site conversion percentages, and the impact chats are having on leads.

OVC also is able to compare similar campaign and site traffic data across all clients and perform correlation analysis to identify opportunities to make recommendations to clients to increase marketing performance with refinements in ad placements, additional services, and support. For example, OVC is able to optimize ad performance with clients using specific hosted Legal industry database service providers and increase lead quality and conversion. This is done by analyzing the comparative effectiveness of that service provider for conversions with similar law firm client profiles using other ad service providers.

Improving Client Collaboration and Driving Up Value

By making it easier for us to do in-depth analysis we are able to increase the quality of insights we provide. That allows us to increase the frequency of performance conversations we engage in with clients which help us improve perceived value and retain clients.Greg Wildman,President OVC

OVC's use of TapClicks analytical capabilities enables them to proactively engage clients with greater credibility about the value being delivered through their marketing programs and allows them to competitively out-pace larger agencies.

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About TapClicks

TapClicks, Inc. provides comprehensive marketing operations, analytics, and reporting solutions to digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises, media companies, and HIPAA-covered entities. TapClicks integrates more than 200 sources of data through its Connector Marketplace, providing marketers with the ability to analyze data from the full range of popular marketing and advertising tools in the industry. The TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform offers full-scale business intelligence, including SEO, social and PPC reporting; automated order entry; setup and approval workflows; marketing performance analysis; and the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations.