TapClicks Case Study: How KAU Media Group Reduced Their Reduced Administratve Burden and Recaptured 40% of their Working Hours.


KAU Media Group (KMG) is a full-service, digital-only performance marketing agency. They operate out of Hammersmith, London, and generate $10 million per year serving a wide range of clients, with a particular focus on Healthcare, Education, and Training.


KMG launched with a new vision for how a performance marketing agency could operate.

They saw how legacy agencies devoted 40% of their time to administrative tasks like pulling & analyzing data, building reports, and sharing their results with clients.

However, KMG wanted to do things differently. They wanted to reduce their administrative burden and recapture 40% of their working hours. They wanted to funnel it back into running campaigns, serving their clients, and billing higher-margin work.

If they could pull this off, they could invent a new business model. By generating higher margins, they could grab a whole cluster of businesses who would benefit from working with a performance marketing agency, but who were unprofitable under the old high-overhead model.

So KMG began to streamline and automate their administrative tasks. They built an internal platform to handle orders, dynamic billing, and workflows they needed a solution to run their reports efficiently.

They needed a platform that could pull bottom-line metrics from their channels and direct it to a single one-view hub that anyone could visit, at any moment, to find the performance data they desired. Most importantly, they wanted a platform that would only present their performance and hide the proprietary strategies and tactics they followed to deliver them.

KMG's CEO had utilized a similar reporting platform in a past job, but he knew it would be insufficient for their new vision. KMG drafted its new requirements and evaluated multiple reporting platform providers. Ultimately, they felt TapClicks was the only solution that fits all of their criteria, including:

  1. TapClicks provides APIs for many suppliers.
  2. TapClicks offers high-touch service & support.
  3. TapClicks follows a customer-centered roadmap.
  4. TapClicks commits to continuous product improvement.

"With TapClicks, KMG gives its clients continuous self-serve access to their campaign peformance, reducing each team member's time spent on low-value client management activities." -Kasif Khokhar, Co-Founder aand CEO, KAU Media Group


KMG first procured TapClicks in 2015 and selected their TapAnalytics and TapReports products.

KMG first procured TapClicks in 2015 and selected their TapAnalytics and TapReports products.

TapClicks worked hand-in-hand with KMG throughout their onboarding process. KMG's CEO communicated directly with TapClick's President and key staff members to create the appropriate connections, dashboards, and reports.

This tight collaboration continued over the years.
When KMG required new integrations, they shared this requirement, and TapClicks got to work building new workflows to fulfill the request. At the same time, as TapClicks independently developed its product, they proactively updated KMG on their evolving features all while continuing to deliver meaningful data and reliable performance.

As a whole, KMG found TapClicks to be flexible and easy to use from the start. Through TapClicks, they have given their clients a comprehensive reporting solution that is available at any time, from anywhere in the world, through any web browser.

Best of all with TapClicks, KMG offers this reporting solution through a white-label deployment. TapClicks operates 100% invisibly in the background, and KMG maintains a seamless client experience through every moment of this critical touchpoint.


KMG has deployed TapClicks for over four years. During that time, they have:


KMG produces a substantial number of reports. Without TapClicks, they would have needed to hire multiple executives to create these reports. TapClicks fully automates KMG's report generation, reducing their need for FTE, while increasing the frequency, accuracy, and completeness of each report.


They have reduced their Client Management Overhead. Agency clients often check-in with their account manager to receive an update on their campaign's performance. With TapClicks, KMG gives its clients continuous self-serve access to their campaign performance, reducing each team member's time spent on low-value client management activities.


They have protected their Business Secrets. KMG runs a proprietary blend of strategies, scripts, and algorithms to drive results for their clients. With TapClicks, KMG gives their clients continuous visibility into every granular performance metric they want to see, without giving them back-end visibility into the unique and confidential processes KMG follows to drive those results.