Executive Summary

Laura Radewald and Melissa Telsrow, started Hi-Per 3 years ago to help multi-unit organizations with hyperlocal marketing. At Hi-Per, they work efficiently to gain control of the entire social/mobile footprint for clients, and activate it to launch hyperlocal marketing campaigns optimized for each location.

In other words, they use smart technology to bring all the pathways customers could potentially use to find a local business, update all the information for every franchise, and then bring all marketing outlets under centralized control. Once this cleanup process is completed, Hi-Per intro- duces affordable local marketing campaigns that drive key business metrics.

You might say the business name "Hi-Per" speaks directly to the results: they drive Hi-Performance customer and sales growth, at a price that nearly any multi-unit organization can afford.

The team at Hi-Per has been using TapClicks from the beginning. With customizable dashboards, they can present all metrics (business, website, social, etc.) in one place. This helps their clients better understand the attribution and results of all of marketing efforts.

We are in year 3 of our TapClicks partnership, and we continue to be very impressed with the ease of use, the level of support we receive, and the broad set of data integrations that the platform provides."

Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

The Challenge

The hyperlocal marketing business is nuanced in that Hi-Per works with large franchise organizations (e.g. restaurant chains) that grow through hundreds of franchises. Each franchisee is a separate business owner and the franchise owner has relegated a little bit of control to the franchisees.

One main challenge for Hi-Per lies in the fact that franchisees often don't understand local marketing. This is evidenced by the fact that they haven't claimed their Google page, haven't posted on social media in years, and don't have centralized control of their local brand. Furthermore, franchisees will often make market-ing mistakes by throwing money at local marketing efforts without understanding that they are driving people into a leaky funnel.

Hi-Per solves this problem by cleaning up all the local marketing of franchises by helping them claim their Google pages and set up their local social media pages in the right way. Then, they give franchisers centralized control and empower them with the right messaging and marketing tools for franchisees.

While the team at Hi-Per can easily organize the marketing efforts of franchisors and franchisees, so they are reaching the right market at the right time, without TapClicks, reporting would be a mess.

In fact, when Hi-Per first started, reporting was a mess. They were using a company that manually extracted data and sent reports 30-45 days after the fact. Laura from Hi-Per explains that, "franchisees are skeptical in general and if you give them a report 30-45 days later, they don't even care. Reports need to be real-time and Hi-Per needed to show that because we had data at our fingertips at all times, we could optimize their campaigns appropriately at all times."

Hi-Per found TapClicks 1 month after they started business and uses TapClicks faithfully to this day.

Why Hi-Per Uses TapClicks

TapClicks provides Hi-Per customers with live dashboards and push reports for all clients and all franchises. These tools help Hi-Per organize metrics and provide accurate reports in a timely manner.

Not to mention, TapClicks shows clients all the different options for driving business through different marketing channels. The ability to see metrics alongside the channel helps clients clearly see and understand results of their hyperlocal marketing efforts.

Finally, Hi-Per uses TapClicks because it helps them provide reporting for all the franchisees. The show clients what an asset it is to roll out data from all locations and the benefits of going hyper local in terms of marketing strategy. TapClicks is a mechanism for telling the story to customers. The live dashboards show their business they are driving results at the hi-per local level.

Highlights of TapClicks as Reported By Hi-Per

Tapclicks helps with storytelling."Most live brands are laser focused on brand metrics from the national level (e.g. brand ads, brand listing, etc.). They often feel like they can't get there at the local level, so KPIs are usually specific to brand stuff. We show them what an asset it is to roll out data from ALL locations and then go hyperlocal. Tapclicks is a mechanism for telling the story to customers, and shows the client that you are driving business at the hyperlocal level." - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

TapClicks helps with data management across all networks.

"TapClicks helps us show local data management across 300 networks for each individual location, so their online companies are accurate and consistent to local websites. - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

TapClicks uses dashboards to show how marketing budgets are being spent."We aren't an SEO team, but franchisees put money into SEO and don't have idea of what they are doing or where their money is going. We present this information in a dashboard that explains and shows, in specific terms, how SEO works. Then, customers can see that if you do everything right in social/mobile ecosystem, you'll rank." - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

TapClicks allows us to pull important franchise data from old, yet relevant, systems."We can pull data from an old ERP system and present it in a new, easy-to-understand, chapter report. Each chapter can see their own key metrics in the report. TapClicks helps us integrate data from older databases and present it in a new and informative way." - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

Utilizing TapClicks to provide our clients with real-time reporting dashboards of the metrics that matter most to them has certainly played a huge part in our agency's success and helped fuel year-over-year revenue growth of 150% for the past 3 years."

Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

Results from Using TapClicks

Real-time reporting fueled year-over-year growth by 150%."Utilizing TapClicks to provide our clients with real-time reporting dashboards of the metrics that matter most to them has certainly played a huge part in our agency's success and helped fuel year-over-year revenue growth of 150% for the past 3 years." - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

TapClicks solves reporting challenges."TapClicks has enabled us to solve one of the biggest challenges we face as a digital marketing agency, which is providing timely, and easy to understand reporting on key success metrics. - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

TapClicks helps clients tie marketing efforts to business success metrics."With TapClicks we have created real-time dashboards for our clients that they can access at any time, that aggregate, social media, email, advertising & customer review/ratings, along with customer visit and sales data, so our clients can more clearly tie marketing efforts to business success metrics. This replaces the "black box" that digital marketing typically operates in, and brings a level of transparency and broader understanding throughout their organizations. Our clients love it, and we do too." - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

There is no 30-45 day data lag with TapClicks. "Before finding TapClicks, there would be a 30-45 day lag in the reporting other companies could provide to us because they created the reports manually. By that time, the data weren't actionable. We found TapClicks the month after we went into business. With TapClicks, we were building out dashboards that have unique metrics that offered real-time reporting. We knew this technol- ogy was vital for making our program work. - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

TapClicks shows location-level metrics."TapClicks showed us the location-level metrics. Franchise organizations like this type of real-time reporting, because they get information and data for their own location and can put their own data into perspective." - Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO