Key Takeaways from the G2 Momentum Grid® Report for Marketing Analytics | Winter 2020

G2 Momentum Grid® Report for Marketing Analytics


Takeaways from the G2 Momentum Grid Report for Marketing Analytics | Winter 2020

G2 Crowd just released its Momentum Grid Report for Marketing Analytics for Winter 2020. What makes a good marketing analytics platform? This is the question G2 Crowd set out to answer; it's also the question hundreds of media companies, digital agencies and multi-location brands ask themselves. What is really important here is, does the marketing and analytics platform do what you need it to do? This principle rings true, but in the brief time that the G2 Crowd for Marketing Analytics has been around, Marketing Operations Platforms have made huge strides.

Here is this year's Momentum Grid Report for Marketing Analytics | Winter 2020:

Momentum scores for Marketing Analytics are shown above. The Momentum Grid highlights each product's Momentum score on the vertical axis and the product's Satisfaction score on the horizontal axis. Products with a top 25% Momentum Grid score are shown within the shaded area above.

TapClicks is a Momentum Leader in Customer Satisfaction

Our market presence and customer satisfaction towards the TapClicks Marketing Cloud is apparent, we have achieved consistently high marks for customer satisfaction from our users as seen through reviews left on G2 Crowd. Some competitors such as NinjaCat have lost positioning due to data recall and storage issues. Additionally, as the needs of marketers continue to expand TapClicks has met the demand by increasing its offering in TapOrders and TapWorkflow, TapAnalytics and TapReporting as well as newly added features for SEO and competitive research. TapClicks will soon introduce new analytics features as well as incorporate AI and ML to continue to serve the needs of the market.

Key Takeaways

  • 89% of users rated TapClicks 4 or 5 stars
  • 38% were medium to enterprise-sized businesses
  • 93% of Marketing & Advertising companies rated TapClicks 4 or 5 stars
  • Customers want omni-channel capabilities
  • 84% would recommend TapClicks
  • 90% of users think TapClicks is going in the right direction
  • 89% approve of the Best In Class customer support offered by TapClicks
  • TapClicks has an NPS score of 43

TapClicks Unravels the Mystery of Omnichannel Marketing

4 Star Review Nov 15, 2019

"TapClicks gets your job smarter"

What do you like best? TapClicks collects large quantities of data collections in a summary that helps you to search and drill down to details when needed. After a limited research period, TapClicks will generate a detailed report that not only reveals sales patterns, but also company outcomes that are not usually easy to see. It provides plenty of controls for dashboard models and it offers values in the launch date process when new databases or workflows become usable, required or need to be enhanced.


The landscape has changed, and to acknowledge this change in marketing needs and tools, TapClicks has grown to much more than analytics and reporting. We are a data management platform that can automate your orders and workflows. We have SEO solutions with Raven Tools and Competitive Research Tools with iSpionage. As the marketing landscape changes, so has TapClicks. We strive to be the platform of choice for large brands, multi-location businesses, media companies, and digital agencies.

TapClicks was Made With Scalability in Mind

Built to handle the complex reporting structure of franchise groups TapClicks is ready to grow with you. We are also the analytics and reporting platform of choice for some of the largest digital agencies and media companies. With our Data-Smart Connector, you can bring data from Google Sheets, Excel or any other 3rd party data source, combine and manage it alongside your digital marketing campaign data.

Marketers Want One Place for All Their Data

Probably the most significant takeaway for our industry is that marketers want one place to call home for their marketing data.

What problem are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? Scalability, and getting a cohesive report of all products in the one dashboard.

What problem are you solving with the product What benefits have you realized? Needed to connect data across dozens of marketing partners and vendors. Tap made lighting quick work of connecting data sets, visualizations and reporting saving us a ton of time and money.

What problem are you solving with the product What benefits have you realized? TapClicks makes our analytics process much easier and provides us with all the resources we need in one place.

What problem are you solving with the product What benefits have you realized? We bought the platform on as an agency looking for a one-stop solution dashboard for the breadth of our clientele, allowing us to create dashboard templates that could populate with data on the performance of all our channels that would serve as the source of truth both internally and externally.

The resounding theme is a demand for a well supported, forward thinking marketing cloud that manages all your different data sources. This is where TapClicks differentiates itself in the marketplace. Interested in seeing this world class marketing cloud platform in action? Let's put you on the path to better data. Start Here.