Creating Analytics on Yelp Data for Deeper Insights Into Location-Driven Marketing

TapClicks Creating Analytics on Yelp Data for Deeper Insights Into Location-Driven Marketing

Yelp is a treasure trove of localized advertising insights. It's the gold standard for localized marketing, buying research and decision making. Yelp Ads can be used to precisely target consumers based on location when they're actively searching for a product or service nearby. There is a direct link between ads served on the platform and consumers' localized buying actions. Its number of users is unrivaled and it's been among the most requested integrations by our agency customers.

At TapClicks we're listening! We're excited to be able to offer this unique integration that no other marketing operations and intelligence platforms can provide to the same degree. The breadth and depth of our integration with Yelp's APIs are unparalleled. The integration of Yelp Ads into TapClicks will enable mutual users, including marketers from national, regional, and franchise businesses and the agencies that serve them, to track, analyze and report on ad campaign performance across platforms (mobile vs. desktop), locations and categories.

The ability to directly analyze Yelp Ads data using TapClicks and combine that data with the ever-expanding list of other marketing and advertising data sources included in our Connector Marketplace gives marketers an unprecedented, unified view of marketing analytics data that can be easily visualized and shared to demonstrate campaign ROI and deliver business-critical insights.

Marketers can now use TapClicks to report, analyze, and visualize organic and paid Yelp advertising data to improve location-based targeting and optimize campaign performance. The ability to access Yelp Ads data through the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform using our instant on API to track, analyze and report on organic and ad-driven Yelp metrics offer an easy way to measure the effectiveness of advertising spends, improve campaign performance, and inform strategic marketing effectiveness. Taking this a step further, our Agency customers can now translate the results of campaigns into actionable insights that reinforce the value they deliver to their brands and or clients. The integration with Yelp Ads gives TapClicks users a depth of strategic, location-based insights far beyond other marketing analytics and business intelligence platforms.

Yelp Ads is just the latest integration that TapClicks has completed. We are constantly expanding the number of data integrations included in our platform to provide the most robust analytics stack and deepest ecosystem of marketing data in the industry. Earlier this year, we also announced integrations with Snap Inc. to include access to data from the Snapchat Ad Manager in addition to integrations with Waze, Oath Ad Platforms, Gimbal and Measured Marketing.

With 200+ data integrations and growing included in the TapClicks Connector Marketplace, from practically all the commonly used digital platforms in marketing and advertising today, marketers are better equipped today to measure and manage performance with TapClicks than they are using any other application and Marketplace.

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