Executive Summary

Umbrella Digital Marketing offers expert management of what it calls its clients' Four Main Assets: their email list, their social media list, their pixel list, and their 5-star reputation. Through a variety of online marketing services, including website design, retargeting, reputation management, and social media campaigns, the 5-person Umbrella team works with clients looking to grow their businesses and scale up for success. Umbrella offers people-based marketing paired with top-notch customer service to help its clients get results.

The Challenge

Because Umbrella has multiple sources of data to report on each month, finding a solution that easily collected everything was a challenge. The Umbrella team had to manually piece together a fix using Excel spreadsheets. This led to wasted time, inaccurate data, and confusing reporting.

The Solution

Umbrella already had settled on TapClicks as its solution for client reporting when the option to utilize it for workflow management became available. TapClicks is able to pull in all the necessary data from all sources - online, offline, mobile, and more - and present it for comparison and analysis. This helps the Umbrella team make smarter decisions for its clients, giving them faster and more profitable results. Additionally, the workflow management piece has helped decrease errors and lost time in workflow management, helping the team become more efficient and effective, in addition to decreasing client frustration.

The Results

Umbrella was able to save time and decrease data errors with TapClicks, improving client satisfaction and reporting. They've also improved their sales close rate and sales pitches, as being able to showcase all the data available within TapClicks gives potential clients confidence in the results Umbrella promises Efficiency for the Umbrella team has been boosted by using the platform, allowing them to tell at a glance when their campaigns are working and when they're not.

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TapClicks, Inc. provides comprehensive marketing operations, analytics, and reporting solutions to digital marketing agencies, brands, franchises, media companies, and HIPAA-covered entities. TapClicks integrates more than 200 sources of data through its Connector Marketplace, providing marketers with the ability to analyze data from the full range of popular marketing and advertising tools in the industry. The TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform offers full-scale business intelligence, including SEO, social and PPC reporting; automated order entry; setup and approval workflows; marketing performance analysis; and the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations.