CASE STUDY: Lessing-Flynn

Lessing-Flynn increased efficiency and reporting capabilities by an exponential amount with TapClicks

About Lessing-Flynn

Founded in 1907 in Des Moines, Iowa, Lessing-Flynn is a family-owned full-service agency that works with both B2B and B2C industries including healthcare, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, construction, banking, and insurance. Originally founded by Paul Lessing, the agency was built around smart, creative storytelling and continues to emulate those values by helping their clients increase web traffic, boost conversions and SEO growth, and exceed sales goals through advertising, video, PR, creative, marketing strategy, and digital marketing services.

The Problem

Prior to working with TapClicks, Lessing-Flynn relied on using Excel spreadsheets for their analytics and reporting.

As anyone who works regularly in Excel knows, formulas can break quite frequently, leading to unnecessary errors and valuable time lost. Logging their data in Excel was becoming extremely tedious, as Lessing-Flynn would take several hours to review the data in Google Analytics and various other sources and would then manually enter each piece of information into a spreadsheet. The team at Lessing-Flynn was spending too much time copying and pasting the data into spreadsheets which took away from analyzing the information to help find optimization strategies.

The Solution

TapClicks created a custom dashboard that automatically pulls data from Google Analytics and a wide range of other sources, eliminating the need to manually enter each piece of data into one spreadsheet.

Lessing-Flynn used TapClicks' various custom connectors to link their data sources with TapClicks Smart Marketing Cloud. In doing so, the information they need now populates automatically, which has saved them manual entry time.

Lessing-Flynn works with clients in a wide range of B2B industries that use systems that don't have APIs and many activities are done through more traditional, non-digital tactics. However, through TapClicks Smart Marketing Cloud, Lessing-Flynn was able to pull publisher media that they purchase, trade show activity, and other traditional tactics into comprehensive client reports.Additionally, clients can now log into the TapClicks dashboard on their own and review the data themselves and adjust date ranges depending on the information they need. The TapClicks dashboard presents data in a way that is more visual and easier to understand than raw data in a spreadsheet. Lessing-Flynn's clients can now review charts and graphs in a dashboard that is easy to navigate and presents the data in a clear, digestible manner.

TapClicks' core value is providing customers with increasing client retention, growth and more operational efficiency. With Lessing-Flynn, the TapClicks platform expanded their capabilities to include vertical and overall benchmarking for their clients. Showing lift against these numbers instilled both confidence and validation into their approach. This translated into higher client confidence and retention. The vertical benchmarks are an invaluable tool for the media optimization team as well as for existing and new customers.By reviewing data across clients within TapClicks, Lessing-Flynn is able to gain valuable insights into the market, repurpose this data, and provide a competitive edge for their team.

Shannon Hughes Director of Digital and Media Strategy

TapClicks has enabled us to be much more efficient with our time and resources and quickly reference results from past campaigns, which has helped us create smarter marketing strategies. We now no longer have to rely on spreadsheets for our reports, helping us spend less time on analytics each month and share data with our clients in a visual way.
Shannon Hughes | Director of Digital and Media Strategy

The Results

TapClicks has helped Lessing-Flynn make the shift from tracking data to analyzing and acting on that data in a way that helps them provide value to their clients.

It has also enabled them to take it one step further with cross-channel blended data views and benchmark reports. Now, rather than spending hours copying and pasting data, Lessing-Flynn can create action items from that data to help their clients understand their customer's journey to making a purchase.

Lessing-Flynn works on campaign-based marketing that is designed for very specific audiences, so the cross-channel capabilities have been extremely helpful when analyzing the results from those campaigns. Additionally, because they work with niche industries, it was often challenging to find benchmark data. However, because they now have all of their data within the dashboard, they can now create their own benchmarks and assess their progress directly within the platform.