TapClicks Smart Connectors

TapClicks Smart Connectors

Connect All Your Data with TapClicks Smart Connectors

Access data quickly from multiple file types and numerous upload vehicles.

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What is a Smart Connector?

A method of integration that can quickly establish data delivery similar to our “Instant On” native feeds, without the development and build time.

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How do Smart Connectors work?

Bring data from anywhere into the TapClicks system. Data can be blended with your other marketing sources and segmented for easy analytics and reporting.

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TapAnalytics Smart Connector

Divide and group data based on chosen parameters, such as location, within marketing and operations. Scale the performance across your parameters to analyze what strategies work.

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TapAccess Smart Connector

This innovative data delivery method securely pulls data from your agency or other service partners while your TapClicks partner manages the data connections for you so you can get back to analyzing and reporting.

Transform & Control Your Data

TapClicks Smart Connector is the flexible way to import offline & third-party data, no more data blocks.

No matter where your files are hosted, TapClicks will automate the processing of your data.

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