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Laura Radewald, Hi-Per CEO

"Utilizing TapClicks to provide our clients with real-time reporting dashboards of the metrics that matter most to them has certainly played a huge part in our agency's success and helped fuel year-over-year revenue growth of 150% for the past 3 years."


Standardized Communication across Locations with TapClicks

Scale to Virtually Unlimited Users, Roles, Marketing Sources, and Locations

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Use Automation to Create Engaging Communications

Streamline and standardize your internal communications. Automate that process to save time and reduce the risk of miscommunication. Ensure everyone has access to the same information, increasing transparency and a sense of inclusion within your organization.

Integrate Customer and Offline Data using SmartConnector

Track marketing results across multiple channels, e.g., search, social, display, and verticals like print, radio, and TV. Prove which channels and verticals are most effective at driving desired outcomes. Uncover insights and optimize performance.

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Local, Regional, and National Ad Visibility

Zoom in for a granular view of your marketing performance; zoom out to see how your local campaigns affect your regional and national efforts. Leverage learnings from one region to another to increase your performance.

Coordinate Marketing Collaboration and Project Management

Coordinate and streamline your marketing efforts, tasks, and campaigns across different channels and teams. Ensure marketing efforts are aligned and working toward the same goals. As a result, it reduces duplication of effort, increases transparency, eliminates bottlenecks, and speeds up time-to-insight.

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Plan Keywords and Monitor Site Health with SEO Tools

Ensure that your site’s performance efficiency matches your marketing efforts. Our SEO tools guarantee that your site performs well as your creatives. Double-check keyword rankings, improve page performance and gain competitive insights using the TapClicks platform.

Demonstrate Campaign Value and Drive Location Success

Need to figure out the value drivers? TapClicks 250+ connectors team with SmartConnector to bring in any data you need. Organize the data into actionable insights showing campaign attribution, qualified leads, total conversions, and more.

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Keep it Simple with One Login

Too often, platform proliferation requires multiple logins to complete a simple task. TapClicks’ unified platform provides convenience, security, and efficiency, enhancing your business’s collaboration.

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They work efficiently to gain control of the entire social/mobile footprint for clients and activate it to launch hyperlocal marketing campaigns optimized for each location.

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