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Jeff Davis Molio Founder and CEO

"We are the ‘Big Little Brand’. We are only about 20 people, but we do business with huge multinational brands like P&G, Tyson Foods, and Lego. We can only do this thanks to the functionality TapClicks gives us. They have exceeded my expectations as a true partner in our business."


Discover Cross-Channel Insights with Automation, Easy-to-Use Reporting, Analytics, and SEO

Amplify Your Success with TapClicks Unified Platform

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Blend Data Across Channels and Verticals for Unified Views of Campaign Results

Track marketing results across multiple channels, e.g., search, social, display, and verticals like print, radio, and TV. Prove which channels and verticals are most effective at driving desired outcomes. Uncover insights and optimize performance.

Distribute Interactive Dashboards and Reports to Stakeholders Automatically

Is a picture worth 1,000 words? Automated, high-quality, high-resolution visual reports and dashboards are priceless! Let TapClicks automate the results-reporting process for you. A few clicks on the Report Scheduler, and you’re good to go!

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Integrate Customer and Offline Data using SmartConnector

TapClicks SmartConnectors complement 250+ Instant-On connectors to bring in any data you need, including offline data like print, radio, and TV. Then, organize the data into actionable insights showing campaign attribution, qualified leads, total conversions, and more.

Track Leads Attribution Alongside other Marketing Results

Need leads? Who doesn’t? Tapclicks Leads Management automatically captures your lead-tracking data with a few simple clicks. Blend in your leads with TapLeadsTM JS forms on your pages and view all lead attribution in our “lite” CRM.

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Local, Regional, and National Ad Visibility

Zoom in for a granular view of your marketing performance; zoom out to see how your local campaigns affect your regional and national efforts. Leverage learnings from one region to another to increase your performance.

Blend Data across Multiple Agencies

Gain insights on performance across all channels and verticals. Discover those most effective at driving your desired outcomes. Combine 1P data with multi-agency data for a 360 view. Find what works and pinpoint areas to improve.

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Plan Keywords and Monitor Site Health with SEO Tools

Ensure that your site’s performance efficiency matches your marketing efforts. Our SEO tools guarantee that your site performs well as your creatives. Double-check keyword rankings, improve page performance and gain competitive insights using the TapClicks platform.

Keep it Simple with One Login

Too often, platform proliferation requires multiple logins to complete a simple task. TapClicks’ unified platform provides convenience, security, and efficiency, enhancing your business’s collaboration.

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Case Study TapClicks and Molio


A unique video-first agency that builds, launches, and grows other brands. Since 2014 they have created 250+ videos for 30+ brands and managed over $20 million in ad spend.

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