Q4 2020 Martech Benchmark Report

Marketers shift efforts to online with the hopes of engaging customers and driving online purchases.

COVID-19 has taught marketers the importance of engaging with users in a creative, interactive format that brings human connection to the online experience. Marketers will continue to use data integrated with all digital channels to reach consumers, combined with keeping health and safety at the forefront while incentivizing potential in-person engagement as the COVID-19 vaccine continues to roll out and the pandemic effects slowly begin to stabilize.

In this report, you will find:

  • Insights and benchmarks across categories and advertising networks will be useful as you plan campaigns for success.
  • Metrics that will help create plans that look ahead into the early quarters in 2021, where it is expected to see an increase in marketing spend, as economies open up with the promising potential of a COVID-19 vaccine over the coming months.
  • A vision into how connecting and aggregating campaign data on a unified platform can deliver actionable insights and recommendations to drive KPIs and increase ROI.

Total Ad Spend by Channel in 2020

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