CASE STUDY: Imagemark

TapClicks Saves Imagemark Over 48 Hours a Month on Reporting

About Imagemark

Imagemark Marketing and Advertising is a full-service agency focusing on brand creation, graphic design, and marketing solutions. They create unique digital media that is both visually captivating and strategically effective. Originally established in 1985, Imagemark is a small team making a big impact for a diverse group of local and national clients with a variety of needs. Strategic media buying is a key component of their marketing plan, and Imagemark excels by using proven methodology, effective negotiations, and the latest technologies to produce results. To bring brands to life, Imagemark's experienced team develops logos, brochures, business cards, print ads, TV and radio commercials, billboards, and more. Imagemark walks their clients through the entire marketing process, from strategizing around raw concepts to complete campaign implementation. The team at Imagemark helps clients take full advantage of digital opportunities to push their brands forward: developing websites that are fully search optimized, targeting potential customers with programmatic video and display advertisements, and even creating complete marketing automation plans.

The Problem

Prior to working with TapClicks, Imagemark was having trouble offering the same level of reporting delivered by their competitors.

As a mid-sized local agency, they were competing against major companies and were losing to their competition because they couldn't offer the same level of reporting. Imagemark's Digital Marketing Manager, Chris Downing, understood the importanceof reporting early on after joining Imagemark. Coming from an agency background, he knew that clients needed a seamless reporting system in place that was efficient and easy to use for both Imagemark's employees and their customers.

Chris initially tried using Canva to create reports, which was extremely time-consuming and rudimentary. From there, he tried Tableau, Supermetrics, DashThis, and several others. After deciding to go with DashThis, he quickly realized that every client needed a custom dashboard created to review analytics each month, totaling 2-3 hours per report per client. With 16 clients, Chris was spending 48+ hours each month reporting before their integration with TapClicks. He was in dire need of a platform that would not only allow him to create custom dashboards for their clients but that also wouldn't make reporting nearly as frustrating, time-consuming, and cumbersome.

The Solution

TapClicks created a custom dashboard where Imagemark could connect all of their clients in one place.

Chris can now go into the dashboard and change the view for each client when he wants to review an individual client's analytics or pull their monthly reports. They were able to set up a native integration through TapClick's Connector Marketplace, which helped significantly streamline the process of importing their data. In doing so, Imagemark was able to merge their data with other marketing sources to review analytics and compile reports quickly. Chris set up a different login for each client through TapClick's platform, offering a competitive reporting experience where clients can track their marketing campaigns in an easy-to-use portal they can access at any time. Chris can customize the TapClicks dashboard and all reports with client branding, making reports more polished and professional. White label branding was something that was important to Imagemark, and TapClicks was able to deliver on that.

Chris Downing Digital Marketing Manager

Overall, TapClicks has made our life easier. After going through multiple reporting tools, our clients now trust us thanks to the high level of reporting we can provide through TapClicks."
Chris Downing | Digital Marketing Manager

The Results

Imagemark now saves three hours per month per client. With 16 clients, they are saving more than 48 hours on reporting each month, bringing their time spent on reporting down to zero.

Chris can now dedicate all of his attention to their clients, helping them develop print and digital marketing campaigns, helping achieve their advertising goals. With a powerful reporting system in place, Imagemark can now compete with major national competitors when pitching new clients. They now offer a higher level of reporting than many of their competitors, giving them an edge when bringing on new business. In summary, as a result of their integration with TapClicks, Imagemark now saves 90% of time on reporting per month, making their agency far more efficient and poised for growth.