CASE STUDY: GreenBanana

TapClicks and StackAdapt Significantly Reduced GBS' Time Spent on Reporting

About GreenBanana

Based in Beverly, Massachusetts, GreenBananaSEO (GBS) is a multi-channel advertising agency specializing in SEO, display advertising, PPC, web development, and social media marketing. GBS is obsessive about driving results that will lead to the most conversions for their clients. They work with clients of all sizes, from small businesses running local SEO campaigns to large companies running national search engine optimization campaigns.

About StackAdapt

StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic advertising platform used by North America's most exceptional digital marketers. This state of-the-art platform is where some of the most progressive work in machine learning meets cutting-edge user experience. Ad buyers plan, execute, and manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns across all devices, inventory, and publisher partners.

The Problem

Prior to using TapClicks, GBS was using Google Data Studio as well as a second dashboard with several limitations.

Without a streamlined system in place, GBS had trouble showcasing data to clients and customizing presentations. The dashboard didn't have API integration, forcing them to manually upload the data, causing a bottleneck in the automation of their services. Pulling reports for clients took a tremendous amount of time, effort, and energy, taking time away from other projects. Additionally, their prior dashboard didn't have the option to incorporate the GBS logo and branding, making the reports appear less professional and client-facing.

The Solution

TapClicks has provided GBS with the opportunity to monitor campaigns run through StackAdapt and pull data into their dashboard via an API.

GBS clients can now log directly into TapClicks with their personalized credentials when looking for realtime data, which wasn't possible through GBS's former reporting tool. TapClicks not only serves as an automation tool delivering results for their clients, establishing them as a transparent agency that provides detailed, to-the-minute reporting for their clients. Additionally, GBS can upload their logo and branding to make the platform even more professional, making reports appear customized and client-facing in just a few clicks.

Kevin Roy Co-Founder, GreenBananaSEO

TapClicks (and the workflow with StackAdapt) saves more than 50% of time spent on monthly reporting because it can be scheduled and accessed where ever and whenever needed. Kevin Roy | Co-Founder, GreenBananaSEO

The Results

TapClicks and StackAdapt significantly reduced GBS' time spent on reporting.

It has enabled their agency to be competitive by offering individual client-facing dashboards instead of making clients wait to produce these reports manually. The automated process ensures GBS clients are no longer missing out on powerful insights that could help them optimize their campaigns at the right time. TapClicks doesn't have limitations on what data can and can't pull through GBS dashboards and are designed to be accessed at any point in time. GBS can pick which metrics they want to see based on their KPIs by taking data directly from a DSP (StackAdapt) and feeding it into a consolidated report.