CASE STUDY: Searchlogic

Demonstrating the Time-Saving Value of TapClicks: Searchlogic Saves Over $10k/Month With TapClicks & SmarTech

The Challenge

Searchlogic faced a challenge in managing a complex reporting process efficiently. Their team of digital marketers spent over 100 hours a month pulling data and building custom reports using excel pivot tables and exported data from third-party tools like Skai (Kenshoo) and, StackAdapt, and other DSP providers. This translated into roughly $18,000 monthly in labor hours, a significantly high cost for the agency to provide sufficient reporting. The process was manual, which meant that it was time-consuming, prone to errors, and had the potential to become a bottleneck in the agency’s operations.

The Solution

To overcome this challenge, Searchlogic engaged SmarTech, a software enablement consulting firm, to find a solution that would automate, simplify and replace its time-consuming and manual reporting processes.

The Result

The results of incorporating TapClicks were impressive. By reducing the hours spent on reporting by 65%, Searchlogic saved $11,700 monthly in labor costs. This meant they could redirect their resources to other business areas, increasing their productivity and competitiveness.


Integrating TapClicks via SmarTech has proven to be a game-changer for Searchlogic. By automating the reporting process, the agency was able to save time, reduce labor costs, and improve its overall productivity. TapClicks has given Searchlogic a competitive edge by allowing them to make data-driven decisions and provide their clients with accurate and up-to-date insights into their digital marketing performance. The platform has proven to be a valuable tool for the agency and has helped them achieve its goals more efficiently.