CASE STUDY: Intrinsic Digital

Intrinsic Digital Grows by 1,300% and Reduces Reporting Effort by 92% Since Hiring TapClicks

About Intrinsic Digital

Intrinsic Digital is a mobile marketing agency focused on capturing new customers for apartment, hotel, restaurant, and retail clients using the latest in geofencing technology. Intrinsic Digital drives foot traffic to their clients' locations by showcasing companies across all consumer devices.

The Challenge

Prior to working with TapClicks, Intrinsic Digital had 81 clients. Their company was expanding rapidly, and they knew they needed a reporting solution that delivered automated, customized reporting with all their data in one platform.

The primary challenge Intrinsic Digital faced was the speed in which they provided reporting to clients. They did not have a marketing dashboard in place, so their reporting structure involved exporting data into excel, formatting the metrics, and then sending the client an email with the excel attachment. In addition to compiling the spreadsheet, Intrinsic Digital also pulled together custom analyses and recommendations for each client based on the reported data. Spending time compiling the excel file and the custom analysis/recommendations was extremely time-consuming and took a tremendous amount of effort each month. Additionally, clients didn't have a dashboard in place that allowed them to log in and view marketing metrics as needed.

The Solution

Intrinsic Digital hired TapClicks to provide an omnichannel reporting system that measures offline and online marketing campaigns, aggregates data, and customizes reports with Intrinsic Digital's logo and branding.

TapClicks provided Intrinsic Digital customers with unique logins to view their marketing dashboards on their own, so they no longer have to wait until they receive a report from Intrinsic Digital each month. The dashboard is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate and Intrinsic Digital clients have expressed how much they enjoy the ability to log in and view metrics on an as-needed basis vs. relying on a monthly report.

The Result

Since teaming up with TapClicks, Intrinsic Digital has experienced a remarkable 1,300% in growth. They now work with more than 1,200 clients with continual growth month over month.

By eliminating the reporting process in Excel and fully relying on TapClicks' reporting solution, Intrinsic Digital can now spend more time providing custom recommendations and in-depth data analysis to their clients and less time compiling spreadsheets. Additionally, Intrinsic Digital has built out beautiful report templates in TapClicks' Report Studio to help tell the story behind the data rather than simply sending monthly metrics to their client base.

Quote from Client:

To rapidly scale, you need a solution like TapClicks. Since teaming up with them, we have grown by 1,300% from 81 clients to over 1,200. TapClicks has helped us reduce reporting effort by 92%, giving us more time to analyze our clients' marketing data and provide custom recommendations month over month. I highly recommend TapClicks to agency owners who are scaling quickly and want to maintain the same level of efficiency and customer satisfaction. - Matthew Kilmurry, Founder, CEO, Intrinsic Digital