Scripps scales its marketing agency to thousands of customers, hundreds of sales team members, with TapClicks

Business Challenge

The E.W. Scripps Company ( known for its extensive local TV and Radio business has also expanded its agency practice to help the same local companies it has long served with traditional media campaigns to perform in the digital world. To help keep its agency service profitable in a time where media income seems to continually be pinched Scripps needed to think outside the box and find new ways to grow and deliver efficiently on this expanded product portfolio. They found that partner in the Marketing Dashboard and Reporting Solution, TapClicks.

With TapClicks

TapClicks enables Scripps to continue to expand its digital product portfolio with the services its customers want: from SEM to Multi-Screen Video, Advanced Programmatic, Call Tracking, and even Reputation Management. Scripps is able to do so efficiently and effectively without needing the dozens of extra staffers that typically would be needed to report or add on so many new solutions.

We currently have over 1000 advertisers in the TapClicks dashboard, which is monitored by our sales field and advertising clients. Our Sales field sells a wide variety of different digital advertising products. Every one of these products has an integration into Tap and is ready for reporting at the click of a button. The reporting in TapClicks can be as simple or as in-depth as you would like it to be.

Future Plans

Scripps plans to continue to expand its use of TapClicks to up revenue and increase operational efficiencies while navigating its evolving leadership role in the market as both an agency and media company.

About Scripps

The E.W. Scripps Company has been a market leader in the media industry since its founding in 1878: creating value for customers, employees, and owners by informing, engaging, and empowering those they serve through its many TV, Radio, and Digital Properties.

The unified marketing dashboard enables Scripps to streamline reporting while equipping sales with a dashboard to show results and retain and upsell clients.

About TapClicks

TapClicks, Inc. is a leading marketing technology company for agencies, media companies, brands, and enterprises. Known for its marketing analytics, dashboard, and reporting solutions, TapClicks has also recently launched a whole Marketing Operations Platform that integrates workflow and order management. TapClicks boasts over 150 native integrations with leading marketing and advertising platforms and has to date delivered over 1,000,000 dashboards to over 5,000 brands and over 500 media companies and agencies across the globe.