TapClicks has been around for many years. We've been used by over 3,000+ customers for use cases ranging from marketing reporting and analytics, to advertising order management and agency workflow; or as an all-in-one marketing operations tool.

Over time, many competing software products have been built, which has led some companies who are considering TapClicks to look for TapClicks Alternatives. We wrote this article to help those customers.

Most lists of marketing analytics software and TapClicks alternatives list all tools as though they are the same. They're not.

To decide which marketing platform is right for you (and if TapClicks is the one) you need to think of these tools as being in 4different categories:

In this article, we'll discuss TapClicks and 7 of the top TapClicks alternatives, categorized into 4 groups. For each SaaS tool, we'll take an in-depth look at what their best features are, how they compare to TapClicks, and what sort of organization might benefit from their products.

We'll cover:

But first, we'll start with a brief overview of these 4 categories.

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4 Categories of Tools That Are Considered TapClicks Alternatives

1. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence(BI) software is a general term to describe data analytics and reporting softwaret hat help businesses in any industry visualize and analyze complex datasets.

Use cases range from optimization of workflow across thousands of lead times and time zones to understanding how a marketing campaign can effectively target a single demographic across hundreds of markets and social media channels.

2. Marketing Intelligence

Marketing intelligence tools are analytics and reporting software that aggregate a company's data integrations to visualize better campaign actions. Essentially, marketing intelligence tools are business intelligence tools specifically for informing better real-time decision making in marketing and advertising.

3. Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard reporting tools are ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) solutions that aggregate data from many different sources (eg. Google Analytics, social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook, etc.)and visualize it on a single interactive dashboard.

These dashboards can be customized to supply business and market insights, so executives are armed with the metrics they need to improve decision making in an organization.

4. Marketing Operations Platform

A Marketing Operations platform combines business intelligence and reporting software with project management, order management, and communication tools on a marketing platform. This all-in-one solution enables marketers to fulfill every aspect of a marketing campaign with a seamless and transparent workflow and, using data to inform every decision.

TapClicks is the only Marketing Operations platform on this list. Before we walk through each TapClicks competitor and discuss the ways they're different, we'll cover how TapClicks works first.

TapClicksMarketing Operations Platform Explained

TapClicks homepage: Let your data do the talking; TapClicks is a Smart Marketing Cloud, powered by your data, to unify your marketing.

The marketing life cycle is made up of two phases:

  • Planning and Execution
  • Analytics and Reporting

Executing each phase of the life cycle with accuracy and transparency for stakeholders ensures the best results for the client.

All the tools on this list focus on the Analytics and Reporting side of marketing as an independent phase to Planning and Execution.

Where TapClicks differs is that our platform was designed as an end-to-end solution for the marketing life cycle.This way marketers can see how planning and execution directly inform analytics and reporting, and vice versa, and respond to marketing performance in real-time.

With that said, TapClicks streamlines workflow by automating all handoffs and communication between sales teams and fulfillment teams, to analytics and reporting, so nothing is missed.

Marketers can carry out an entire campaign without integrating any third party project management, data analytics, or reporting software.

Let's take a closer look at the features of our Marketing Operation platform.

TapClicksCore Features


TapClicks Advertiser Name: Orders & Workflow

There can be dozens of communications between a salesperson and Ad Ops Manager in the creation and clarification of an order. The marketers who designed TapClicks know that a simple mistake in the first phase of the campaign process can be costly as the creative project progresses. And manually inputting orders and managing handoffs is labor intensive.

TapOrders is the order management feature of TapClicks that saves time and eliminates the possibility of clerical errors and siloed communications from the point of sale by:

  • Keeping all communication transparent on a single platform.
  • Providing customizable form templates with fields that are automatically populated for returning customers.
  • Automating all handoffs between salesperson and Ad Ops, so nothing is missed or delayed.

To check out our full article on the benefits of TapOrders, TapClicks' order management tool, click here.


TapClicks Queue

Once a creative brief is finalized, most companies integrate a third party project management software to coordinate SEO, email marketing, PPC, etc. This can be costly and make the integration awkward as creative teams are toggling between communication and project management tools.

TapWorkflow is the project management feature of TapClicks that coordinates and fulfills all campaign deliverables by streamlining workflow between Ad Ops Manager, creative teams and the client. This is achieved by:

  • Automating all handoffs between creative teams and Ad Ops.
  • Keeping all communication visible to all necessary stakeholders in one place.
  • Making deliverables and campaign progress visible to all creative teams.
  • Eliminating bottlenecks in your workflow by highlighting where tasks are experiencing delays and process gains are being lost.

To check out our full article on TapWorkflow, TapClicks' project management tool, click here.


TapClicks Dashboards

Managing a single marketing campaign can involve dozens of channels across hundreds of markets. When a marketing campaign is launched, typically, a marketing agency will switch software to gather all the data from multiple dashboards and begin analysis.

TapAnalytics is the analytics and visualization feature of the TapClicks platform that seamlessly pulls all the data from each API connector into a single dashboard once the campaign is launched, enabling marketers to:

  • Gain a single view of all the metrics in the context of the overall campaign without toggling between channels and dashboards.
  • Bundle data from different channels to create new datasets. (eg. If you want to see how PPC impacts the overall campaign conversion rate, this can be achieved in minutes.)
  • Perform attribution analysis to understand which channels results are coming from.
  • Make data-driven decisions in real-time.(eg. Should we pause underperforming social media channels and invest more in high performing display ads?)

To check out our full article on TapAnalytics, TapClicks' analytics tool, click here.


TapClicks integrates with over 250 instant-on connectors, some of which are shown here.

Keeping all relevant stakeholders informed with campaign metrics can be time consuming but it is essential for real time decision making.

TapReports is the reporting feature of the TapClicks platform that enables marketers to:

  • Automate report delivery at a desired frequency, format, segmentation of stakeholders, or even when certain metrics are reached in a campaign.
  • Create ad hoc reports in minutes, not hours, with ready-made templates.
  • Provide clients with a white-label, customized reporting dashboard.

To check out our full article on TapReports, TapClicks' reporting dashboard, click here.

TapClicks is built to scale with the marketing needs of your company. From mid-sized marketing agencies to enterprise media companies, for any brand that prioritizes marketing and requires a dedicated platform that can execute every marketing function, TapClicks has you covered.

Business IntelligenceTools


Tableau homepage: Become a data-driven organization.

Tableau is a business intelligence tool that promises to produce data driven cultures for enterprises.

It is a data analytics and visualization tool primarily focused on the general data management or governance of an enterprise by drawing on hundreds of data sources from logistics and HR to payroll and customer support.

One powerful feature Tableau offers is embedded analytics. This enables Tableau users to integrate their data into external applications to provide analytics and reporting to their customers, partners and suppliers.

While Tableau draws on a broad and diverse range of data sources, unlike TapClicks, it has limited marketing connectors. For enterprises specifically targeting analytics and data visualization in marketing and advertising, TapClicksMarketing Operations platform is a more robust solution.

Plus, we also provide the capability to integrate with non-marketing and offline data through our Smart Connector.So any data you can pull into Tableau, you can pull into TapClicks as well.

TapClicks takes a holistic approach to the marketing life cycle, tying analytics and reporting to order management and project workflow, two features unavailable on the Tableau platform.

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TapClicks Competitor

Domo is a business intelligence and data visualization software that is fully mobile. Domo integrates with hundreds of data sources from your CRM and other company databases to social media and web analytics, with a view to eliminate silos in the business that hinder decision making.

While reviews state that customizing reports can be a drain on time, one powerful feature is Domo's App Dev Studio. This enables clients to build custom intelligent apps with minimum or no coding at all. These apps resource teams in large enterprises to automate and streamline workflow processes and decision-making.

The TapClicksMarketing Operations platform has the same robust analytics and data visualization capabilities as Domo. But unlike Domo, TapClicks is designed by marketers to support the entire marketing campaign life cycle with additional order and workflow automation features.

TapClicks also differentiates in reporting, as TapReports is a tool that is easily customized and automated to eliminate the tens of hours each month in creating marketing reports both internally and externally.

To check out our full article on the difference between Domo and TapClicks, click here.


Looker homepage: Find true power in your data.

Owned by Google, Looker is a big data analytics platform and business intelligence software that enables large enterprises to conduct advanced analytics, extracting query logic in each analysis, which makes data analytics easy to manage and scale.

Connecting to hundreds of data sources, Looker runs raw data through the 50+ SQL databases before applying its proprietary modeling language, LookML, to the results to transform the data into metrics. These metrics are easily visualized and manipulated for better decision-making and functionality across an organization.

While deep-dive data analytics and scalability are a strength of Looker, the product requires dedicated IT maintenance and is labour intensive to set-up and customize to an organization's specific needs. That being said, if you can supply the time and human resources, Looker is capable of producing multi-layered insights to inform marketing reports.

However, unlike the TapClicksMarketing Operations platform, Looker has no order management or workflow automation tools. For a tool that requires such a time investment, Looker might be too heavy handed as a marketing tool for small businesses. And, ultimately, lack the agility that marketers thrive on.

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Marketing Intelligence Tools


Datorama homepage: Make every marketing decision data-driven.

Owned by Salesforce, Datorama is a marketing intelligence platform that enables marketers in mid-size and enterprise organizations to connect all their data sources to its Integration Engine in order to make data driven, marketing decisions in real time.

One of Datorama's strengths is how customizable the product is. Datorama offers powerful insights and agility to respond to new metrics mid-campaign and act accordingly.

Datorama also offers mobile capability with its app marketplace so its clients can customize an app around monitoring specific marketing KPIs like lead generation or Facebook Ads.

Granted, Datorama is more of a marketing-centric data analytics and reporting software than Business Intelligence tools like Tableau, Domo and Looker.However, it still does not have as many native data integrations as TapClicks, and it requires more time to set-up and customize datasets.

Furthermore, unlike TapClicks, agencies and marketing teams that use Datorama must still integrate project management software like Asana to coordinate creative teams in fulfilling a campaign.

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Dashboard and Reporting Software


Funnel homepage: The better way to work with marketing data.

Funnel is a dashboard reporting tool that aggregates all marketing data from 500+ sources through a data transformation process before integrating the metrics on a platform of your choosing like Looker, Tableau or Google Data Studio.

Funnel will even custom build a dashboard for your company.

Used by digital marketing agencies, publishing brands, and large retail companies, Funnel boasts a suite of data cleaning and transformation tools that take all the heavy lifting out of data management. And, it requires no technical ability anyone in the organization can integrate and access the insights provided.

One great feature Funnel offers is Automated Field Normalization.

When extracting data from hundreds of sources, each data source can use different field placeholders to express the same thing (e.g. cost, amount spent, and spend). This makes it difficult to create consistent datasets on which to base your marketing. Funnel automates normalization of all fields to provide clear reporting.

However, TapClicks offers equally powerful tools for data transformation and normalization that are easy to use, along with two points of differentiation to keep in mind:

  • TapClicks' process of data extraction is more efficient than Funnel, therefore real time reporting and decision making is more accurate.
  • TapClicks is a full service, marketing operation platform, providing all the tools and seamless workflow automation to execute an entire marketing campaign, not just the reporting phase.

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AgencyAnalytics homepage: Reporting for Marketing Agencies

AgencyAnalytics is a dashboard reporting tool similar to Funnel that describes itself as Automated Reporting Software for Agencies.

With 60+ out-of-the-box connections to many of the major marketing channels, AgencyAnalytics requires less set-up time than Funnel to begin reporting.

As a robust reporting tool used by many digital marketing agencies, it comes with a range of SEO tools to track ranking and competition, social media activity, monitor backlinks, and audit sites.

One great feature is the drag-and-drop editor to customize automated reports and dashboards in very little time. And, the dashboards are white-label so they can be integrated with any company's branding.

While TapClicks offers white-label dashboard reporting and SEO tools through our Raven product, there are a couple of points of differentiation to keep in mind:

  • TapClicks offers 250+ instant-on connections to marketing channels, each simply requiring a company's credentials to set-up, no technical ability needed. This is almost five times as many as AgencyAnalytics.
  • TapClicks is built for agencies that want to scale, so several accounts can be grouped into a single client, and there is no limit to the amount of campaigns that can be run. Whereas AgencyAnalytics caps two of its pricing tiers at 15 or less campaigns.

To check out our full article on the difference between AgencyAnalytics and TapClicks, click here.

Klipfolio PowerMetrics

Klipfolio homepage: You already do it all. Now you can do BI, too.

Klipfolio created PowerMetrics, a lightweight reporting tool because their enterprise BI tool, Klips, required too much maintenance to be user friendly for marketers in a fast paced environment.

Klipfolio PowerMetrics offers a customizable dashboard with hundreds of instant data integrations that boast ease-of-use, with no coding involved. However, in order to customize a dashboard, each widget created must be manually associated with a specific campaign.

If the preliminary campaign analytics reveal well performing channels, in order to respond to these metrics, a new set of widgets must be created which is disruptive and very labor intensive.

With TapClicks'250+ instant-on connectors, there are no such campaign restrictions. Once they are integrated, they begin analyzing data even from the company's past campaigns. A marketing campaign can change direction and TapClicks simply pivots, no extra input needed.

However, where TapClicks really differentiates from Klipfolio PowerMetrics is in the depth of data pulled from each integration. PowerMetrics lacks the data sources to perform granular analysis.

For example, PowerMetrics can show you metrics of which ad is converting in a social media campaign, but it cannot show you how the ads are performing across demographics.

With their free pricing tier, this makes it an ideal tool for small businesses beginning to market across social media. But, as a TapClicks Alternative, PowerMetrics is insufficient for even small marketing agencies handling multiple accounts.

To check out our full article on the difference between PowerMetrics and TapClicks, click here.

Conclusion for TapClicks Alternatives

With regards to analytics software, data visualization, and reporting software, each of the platforms discussed above significantly overlap. The deciding factor is determined by the marketing needs of your company and pricing.

Business Intelligence tools like Tableau, Looker, Domo, or Klipfolio's Klips, all offer a version of big data analytics and reporting tools for enterprise governance regardless of industry. While BI tools perform in-depth analysis across corporations for data-driven decision making in logistics, hiring, customer support etc., they can lack the finesse and agility for dedicated marketers and marketing agencies.

A Marketing Intelligence platform like Datorama handles marketing analytics, data visualization and reporting brilliantly, however, it has limited native connectors which makes customization labor-intensive for marketers and costly for marketing agencies.

Similarly, Dashboard Reporting software like Funnel.io and AgencyAnalytics were created to visualize complex datasets for marketers and yet only solve for one or two phases of the marketing life cycle.

Unlike TapClicks' all-in-one solution, each of these platforms must integrate with third-party tools for ordering, communications, and project management to execute a single marketing campaign.

And, when you factor in many clients, each with multiple accounts with dozens of dashboards, toggling between softwares is disruptive to workflow and costly.

To solve these issues and streamline operations, we've created a flexible, scalable marketing operations platform for agencies, brands, and media companies. If you'd like to see how it works, sign up for our free 14-day trial.