Datorama Alternatives: Comparing the Top 4 Marketing Analytics Platforms

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Much of the existing information online about Datorama alternatives provides a list of every SaaS platform on the market with a few sentences about each, but doesn't go into depth on any of them.

In this article, we're instead going to look at 4 of the top data analytics platforms and provide a more in-depth look into each one including the core features, the strengths and weaknesses, and who each software is right for.

If you're currently using Datorama as your marketing analytics platform, or if you're currently in the process of researching business intelligence software, this article is for you.

The top 4 marketing analytics platforms that we're going to cover include:

Let's get started.


TapClicks is a web-based marketing operations platform that allows you to manage and monitor your marketing performance in one place.

Core features

The core features of TapClicksinclude:

  • TapOrders: Built for media companies, brands, and agencies. This solution provides automated order entry and lets you see and book inventory in a calendar view within numerousad platforms, as well as manage creatives and workflow.
  • TapWorkflow: This feature helps your team coordinate management for ad operations, billing, and fulfillment. It allows you to automate and track task management among your teams, uses alerts and notifications to ensure everyone is aware of important changes and updates in real-time, and lets you log time for easy reporting of billable hours to clients.
  • TapAnalytics: This solution allows you to analyze the performance of your marketing, improve your team's responsiveness, optimize campaigns by identifying issues, and capitalize on opportunities to drive better ROI.
  • TapReports: This helps you communicate and collaborate with your clients via online dashboards and reporting in real-time. TapReports enables you to grow your relationships, upsell your existing clients, and improve client retention rates through the marketing report studio.

A GIF that shows what the TapClicks dashboard looks like.

Example of the TapAnalytics Dashboard


Strengths & Weaknesses

Pros of TapClicks

  • Focused on Marketing: One of the main advantages of TapClicksover other platforms is that it is solely focused on marketing and advertising analytics, whereas others like Tableauand Domoare more general business intelligence platforms. This means that TapClickshas more marketing dataconnections than other platforms, in particular, the Connector Marketplace currently integrates with hundreds of different data sources that marketers use on a daily basis.
  • Ease of Setup: As you probably know, one of the hardest parts of integrating new software into your business is the human capital needed to get everything up and running properly. While youcancustomize everything with TapClicks, if you choose, one of the differentiators of the platform is that it comes with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports. This means that as soon as you connect your data sources, you can immediatelystart getting value from it.As one TapClickscustomer, Susan H., said in her G2 review, TapClicksis easy to use software that will save you a lot of time..
  • Order & Workflow Automation:Another benefit of TapClicksis that it's the only platform that has solutions for order and workflow automation. To give you an example, a company can have an order from Salesforceautomatically trigger an order process, which then automatically triggers a workflow process and assigns it to the right people for the project.
  • Top Tier Customer Service: Customer service is a top priority at TapClicks. There is a dedicated onboarding team as well as a dedicated account specialist so that you can always send an email, pick up the phone, and have a weekly meeting at no extra charge. TapClickscustomer support has been rated the highest out of all 4 companies listed here at 4.6/5 on Capterra.

Cons of TapClicks

  • Lack of Data Connections Outside of Marketing:Depending on your business needs, the fact that our focus is solely on marketing and advertising analytics may be a weakness for you. With that said, if you want to connect your BI platform with TapClicksand manage your data all in oneplatform, you can easily do so with our Marketing DataPackage.

Who is TapClicksRight for?

Now that we've discussed the core features and the strengths and weaknesses of TapClicks, you can probably guess that the platform is well suited for digital agencies, media companies, and brands that want a platform dedicated to marketing performance management.

TapClickshas application options for small to midsize companies, as well as enterprise-level companies. Pricing for TapClicksis based on a few factors including the size of the company, the monthly ad spend, and how you want to manage your data. Lastly, if you don't want to have to invest a significant amount of human resources towards learning how to use a new platform, TapClickspre-builtdashboards and reporting may be right for you.

If TapClicksseems like the right fit for you, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial here.


Owned by Salesforce, Datorama describes itself as AI-powered marketing intelligence that helps marketers connect all of their data for better decision making and control over their performance.

Core Features

The platform is divided into 4 core features, these include:

  • Data IntegrationEngine: This feature connects and unifies all your platform tools and reports in one place. The Integration Engine also uses machine learning to analyze data files, as well as automate data cleansing and data model mapping.
  • Insights Engine: The Insights Engine is designed to help you to visualize, report, and optimize your data with AI-powered insights. As the image below shows, you can create customizable dashboards to report your KPI's.
  • Activation Engine: The Activation Engine enables you to move beyond visualizations and move towards action with goal monitoring, enterprise collaboration, and workflow automation.
  • App Marketplace: Datoramaalso has an app marketplace where you can either create your own custom apps or choose from their existing vendors. Examples of apps you can install include a Lead Generation App, a Facebook Ads App, and a Marketing Cloud Email App, among others.

A preview of the Datorama dashboard

Example of the Insights Engine from Datorama


Strengths & Weaknesses

Pros of Datorama

  • Highly Customizable: Although all the platforms in this article are completely customizable, one of the strengths that consumers note is that the platform is highly customizable. As one digital marketingspecialist highlights on Capterra: This is a great platform for clients that want something customizable to them..

Cons of Datorama

  • Steep Learning Curve:One downside of having a platform that is highly customizable is that it can take a lot of work to get setup if you don't have out-of-the-box solutions available. As the same marketing specialist mentioned above highlights on Capterra: It can be cumbersome to setup and the learning curve on this for clients canbe steep.
  • Ease of Use: The Ease of Use rating on Capterra is quite low compared to the other platforms in this list at 3.5/5 and several consumers have said that this platform is quite complex if you haven't used data visualizationsoftware before. As one reviewer on Capterra says, the software might be too complex for beginner users who haven't used data visualizationsoftwares before..

Who is DatoramaRight for?

Datoramatypically works with small-to-midsize marketing and advertising companies including brands, agencies, and publishers. Their pricing is available upon request, although on G2 it is reported that it is in the Mid-Market price range. The platform might be right for you if you have experience with marketing intelligencesoftware and have the human resources available to invest in setting up a more custom solution.


Tableau is considered more of a general business intelligenceand analytics platformthan a marketing-specific platform. The platform has a wide breadth of data analyticscapabilities and is used by many enterprise-level companies.

Core Features

Tableauhas many different solutions available for data analytics, but a few of the most widely used include:

  • TableauDesktop: This is similar to a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to connect, visualize, and analyze your data with an interactive dashboard.
  • TableauServer: This is a BI application that provides browser-based analytics to ensure that the data and analytics within your organization are private and secure.
  • TableauPrep: This solution provides a visual way to combine, shape and normalize your data for further analysis. TableauPrep features two products: TableauPrep Builder for building data flows and TableauPrep Conductor for scheduling, monitoring and managing data flow.
  • TableauOnline: This is the same analytics platformbut fully hosted in the cloud so that you can publish and share your dashboards with anyone.

A preview of the Tableau dashboard.

Example of a TableauDashboard


Strengths & Weaknesses

Pros of Tableau

  • Analytical Power:One of the main strengths of Tableau is the advanced analytical power behind the platform, as one consumer reviews on Capterra: I love how robust the software is. If you can think of something to build, chances are you can build it if you know what you are doing..
  • AI & Machine Learning:In addition to their standard dashboards there is a feature called Smart Analytics, which provides deeper insights into your data through things like natural language interaction, machine learning for data preparation, and predictive analytics.

Cons of Tableau

  • Ease of Use: The ease of use for Tableau is rated 4/5 on Capterra so it's certainly not the most difficult platform to learn, although it will require an investment in human resources to get the most out of it.
  • Price:Several consumer reviews on Capterra mention that price can be an issue as it's higher than other data visualization tools, particularly if you're an individual or small business.

Who is Tableau Right for?

Since Tableauis priced a bit higher than other dashboard software, they tend to attract more enterprise-level clients. The majority of the companies that use Tableau fall into the IT and Services category, and a smaller percentage of companies use it solely for marketing and advertising.

Since the main use case for Tableau is for managing big data and BI, this means they have connections for many types of data sources. That said, if you're looking for a single platform that can handle all your company-wide data with dedicated BI training, and users, then Tableau may be a good fit for you.


Similar to Tableau, Domo is a general BI software that lets you connect any source of data across a company and streamline the process of cleaning, analyzing, and reporting.

Core Features

Domo is split into three core features, these include:

  • Connect & Transform: This feature allows you to securely connect and normalize data from over 1000 sources.
  • Visualize & Analyze: This feature is powered by AI and machine learning and provides real-time insights into your data.
  • Build Apps & Extend: This is a low-to-no code platform that lets you build custom apps for your team, clients, or partners.

A preview of the DOMO dashboard

Example of Domo's Visualize & Analyze feature


Strengths & Weaknesses

Pros of Domo

  • Breadth of Data Integrations: One of Domo's strengths is that they can unify data sources across your entire company as they have over 1000 pre built connectors.
  • Customizable apps: Depending on your business needs this could be a strength for you, although it should be noted that building these custom apps can be quite a large task to undertake.

Cons of Domo

  • Ease of Use: Domo is certainly powerful BI tool, but it does require an investment in human resources to get the most of it. The platform's ease of use is rated 4/5 on Capterra.
  • Price: Several consumer reviews highlight that Domo is pricier than many other BI tools.

Who is Domo Right for?

Domo serves customers in all industries and they may be the right fit for you if you're looking to unify data sources across your entire company. For example, if you want to analyze logistical, payroll, operational, and marketing data in one platform, then Domo may be perfect for you.

Similar to Tableau, Domo is priced higher than many other BI and data visualization tools so they tend to attract more enterprise-level companies.

Summary: Comparing the Top 4 Marketing Analytics Platforms

In this article, we looked at 4 of the top marketing analytics platforms: TapClicks, Datorama, Tableau, and Domo. As discussed, if you're looking for a platform that can manage data across every department in your company, and you have a slightly larger budget, then Tableau or Domo may be a good fit for you.

On the other hand, if you want a platform that is solely focused on marketing, advertising, and campaign management then Datorama or TapClicks may be better suited for you. One of the main differences between these two platforms is that TapClicks comes with out-of-the box dashboards and reports so that you can get value from it as soon as you connect your data sources. This means that you won't need to invest a huge amount of human capital into getting everything up and running and can focus on what matters: improving your ROAS.

The other key differentiator with TapClicks is the Orders and Workflow system, which allows you to manage and automate operations with your team better than any of the other options covered here.

If TapClicks seems like the right fit for you, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial here.