In this post, we look at TapClicks as an alternative to AgencyAnalytics a popular analytics and reporting tool used by digital marketing agencies.

We've put together an in-depth comparison to explain the differences between the two platforms and help you decide whether or not TapClicks is the right choice for you.

In reviewing their website and customer reviews on G2 and TrustRadius, the key differences between TapClicks and AgencyAnalytics can be categorized in three ways:

  1. How each platform pulls in data and how many data integrations each platform offers.
  2. How each platform helps you scale your marketing reporting.
  3. How each platform reduces the amount of manual reporting processes required to create and send marketing reports.

Below, we cover each of these areas in more detail and show you how agencies use TapClicks to get all relevant data sources into one dashboard, improving their digital marketing analytics and streamlining their reporting processes. 

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TapClicks vs. AgencyAnalytics: 3 Key Points of Differentiation Explained 

1. More Integrations and Connection Methods with TapClicks

TapClicks as an Agency Analytics Alternative: A preview of the dashboard and connectors

TapClicks offers 250+ instant-on connectors, while AgencyAnalytics offers 50+ connectors

TapClicks has connections for platforms specializing in advertising (such as AdRoll, Amazon Ads), social media platforms like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads (formerly Adwords), and Bing, as well as sales and CRM platforms (such as Salesforce, HubSpot Analytics, CallTracking Metrics), eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify, Amazon seller) and much, much more. 

These instant-on connectors are easy to set up. For most platforms, you simply log on through your TapClicks dashboard and we start pulling in data. 

You don't need any kind of API experience or management to start importing relevant data sets into your TapClicks dashboard.

So, let's say you're creating a report and want to bring in Google Analytics data. Through your dashboard, you click on Google Analytics.

From there, you can log into Google Analytics and authorize TapClicks to start pulling in data.

Where applicable, we also do a deep pull on historical data from your platform. This lets you see past data (up to 12 months for some platforms) in TapClicks so you don't have to wait for new campaign performance to start analyzing metrics. 

This gives you a head start when onboarding a new client because now you can view their past marketing performance in detail. Plus, you can use that data going forward to illustrate to your clients how their online marketing has improved since they've started working with your agency.

But what gives us even more of an edge over AgencyAnalytics when it comes to unifying your data sources is we have a ready-made solution for platforms that we don't currently have an API integration for our TapClicks Smart Connector

Let's say you want to improve your eCommerce analytics by viewing your paid media data alongside key metrics from Magento. You can use a TapClicks Smart Connector to bring in data from Magento.

Between our 250+ Instant On Connectors and our Smart Connector functionality, there's practically no data set that we can't bring into your reporting and analytics dashboard

2. Scalability is a Built-In Feature of TapClicks

TapClicks as an Agency Analytics Alternative: The TapClicks dashboard

At TapClicks, we've spent over a decade building up our integrations, as well as analytics and reporting features, to make life easier for our clients as they grow in size and sophistication. 

As a result, scalability is a built-in feature of TapClicks. With TapClicks, you can group several accounts into one client group and aren't limited by the number of campaigns you can run per client

Client Grouping

Imagine you're handling the marketing of a franchise with five different locations throughout the northeast. With TapClicks, you can easily view all of those locations separately, but you can also group them together into a new client group. 

Client grouping lets you roll up data from different locations to see the overall marketing efficacy of your campaigns.

If you're using a tool like AgencyAnalytics, your marketers may have to manually take the data from each franchise location and build out a spreadsheet or reporting dashboard to create the same effect that TapClicks does easily.

No Limit on Campaigns per Client

We made TapClicks to help agencies grow, so we built our system to not limit the number of campaigns you can have per client. Instead, we look at how much data you're bringing into TapClicks by focusing on data size and not campaign size, we can easily accommodate the amount of data agencies need to successfully report to their clients.

This is a significant difference between TapClicks and AgencyAnalytics.

AgencyAnalytics has three different pricing tiers: freelancer, agency, and enterprise. The big change between the tiers is the number of campaigns you can run, with both their freelancer and agency tiers capped at 15 or fewer campaigns. 

3. TapClicks is Easy to Use and Saves Your Agency Time with Automated Reports and KPI Alerts

TapClicks as an Agency Analytics Alternative: TapClicks is easily customizable to you or your clients branding.

With TapClicks, our reporting solution is meant to free up your team's time, so they aren't bogged down managing multiple dashboards.

We do this by letting your team:

Managing Your Clients from One Dashboard

With TapClicks, you don't have to create individual dashboards for each client or each campaign. This saves your marketers time and helps you easily onboard new clients or ramp up campaigns with existing clients. 

Let's say your agency has ten clients and you're running paid marketing campaigns for each of them, specifically Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. If Facebook Ads comes up with a new metric and you're using AgencyAnalytics, you'd normally have to manually go through each dashboard and update the template you're using.

But with TapClicks, you only need to update one dashboard your dashboard template. From there, you select what metrics you want each client to see and that's what they see when you make a report for them. 

Automated Reporting and Alerts

A significant amount of manual labor at agencies revolves around marketers having to create and schedule reports. This is because plenty of agencies are using spreadsheets or Google Data Studio to help them put together disparate data sets. As we talked about, TapClicks solves that problem by unifying your different data sources into one dashboard.

But we also let you automate recurring reports and set KPI alerts

After you've filtered out what metrics you want your client to get a report on, you can set up a recurring report that will go out at the frequency you pick (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Plus, the report can be sent as multiple file types, from PDF to PPT. 

Finally, because your all-in-one dashboard is so highly customizable, you can quickly create multiple reports for different stakeholders. 

For example, you may want to send a report without your agency margins to your clients, while including margins and profitability in internal reports to your executives. With TapClicks, you can quickly create multiple reports and put them on a schedule.

Note: With TapClicks, you can white label your reports to brand them with your logo or your client's brand. 

This advanced reporting feature also helps you with creating last-minute, ad hoc reports. Instead of working harder to send out a custom report to your stakeholder, you can again just filter out what metrics they're asking to see, create a one-off report, and hit send. 

AgencyAnalytics also lets you automate reports, so while you're likely not leaving AgencyAnalytics over this feature, you want to make sure the alternative platform you choose still offers the same automated reporting functionality. 

We made TapClicks easy-to-use because you can create and schedule reports from the same dashboard. 

Plus, you can also set up real-time KPI alerts. KPI alerts reduce the amount of follow up your team needs to do every day by allowing you to set up alerts for specific metrics. 

For example, if ROAS drops below a predetermined number on an ongoing PPC campaign, you can set it up so your marketing manager gets a notification.

These alerts and notifications help your team spot opportunities and address them before they snowball into much bigger problems.

How Each Platform Offers SEO Insights

TapClicks: Keyword Tracking overview, keywords and groups ranking, competitor benchmark, competitors' higher rank.

AgencyAnalytics incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) features into its platform, including backlink audits, site audits, keyword tracking, and rank tracking. 

With TapClicks, we have multiple solutions if your agency needs help managing and reporting on its SEO services. 

First, we have instant on connectors for Moz, Google Search Console, and SEMRush (plus, you can use our Smart Connector to bring in data from other key SEO tools such as Ahrefs). This lets you bring SEO KPIs into your TapClicks agency dashboard. Once you do that, you have access to the same features we discussed above, such as pairing disparate data sources side-by-side and creating recurring reports. 

Second, we also offer Raven by TapClicks, our advanced SEO software. With Raven by TapClicks, you get an advanced SEO site auditor (to identify critical areas that can help improve organic search traffic and look at a site's backlink profile), and keyword research.

Raven is also a powerful competitor analysis tool that tells you not only what keywords your competition is ranking for, but provides actionable insights that can help you develop SEO and content marketing strategies.

For example, with Raven by TapClicks, you're given SERP details for each keyword, such as whether the keyword's SERP has a featured snippet or video carousel. You can easily tailor your marketing by knowing what your audience sees when they Google a keyword.

Who is TapClicks Best for as an AgencyAnalytics Alternative? 

TapClicks is an ideal alternative for agencies, brands, and media companies who need to do reporting at scale, as well as those who do omnichannel marketing and need access to a wider variety of integrations. If this is you, then you're likely to find a strong alternative with TapClicks. 

In addition, TapClicks gives you advanced analytics (such as client grouping and data transformation) without making you have to hire someone to manage APIs, the way you would have to with more complicated business intelligence platforms. 

With TapClicks, you get:

  • A highly customizable, all-in-one marketing dashboard.
  • Marketing software that allows you to scale reporting with ease.
  • Automated reporting and alerts to help save time.

Are you ready to streamline your reporting and analytics? Try our free 14-day trial to see how TapClicks can level up your marketing operations.