Task and workflow management for your ad operations, billing, and fulfillment

Automatically create and assign tasks to the right people in the process

User Availability

Users can set themselves to work, break, or out of the office. This information helps campaign managers and trafficking teams manage their workforces when assigning duties.


Send TapOrders data anywhere you wish. Integrate any data into TapOrders. Use the Translation file to send Webhook JSON to AffinityX or WideOrbit.

Task Manager

Creates working group task queues. Task due dates, overdue notifications, voluntary time monitoring, extra task forms, and inline work instructions are supported.

Additional Features

Push Connectors

Consistency between orders and line items will streamline your presale process. Push that data to Google Ad Manager, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. Centralize ad ops. Improve offers with new Connectors.

Automated Workflow Engine

Automates marketing campaign approval and fulfillment tasks. Allows product and Business Unit-specific conditional routing and business procedures.

Automated Task Assignments

Auto-assignment of jobs to Order, Line item, or Flight Users based on rules. Allows automated re-assignment of updated tasks to the original user.

Scheduled Tasks

Automatically create tasks based on various dates on the order, line items, and flight forms.

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