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On Demand vs. Stored Data Connectors

What is a Stored Data Connector?

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Great for Analysis

  • Our stored data fetch system automatically creates a historical database of information, covering long periods of time and enabling the analysis of trends over months to years!
  • Users can create complex calculations and data blends and store the results. Storing complex transformations means that dashboards and reports load more quickly, so users get the fastest possible “Time-to-Insight.”
  • The TapClicks Data Warehouse makes that data available to all stakeholders with minimal overhead. Instead of building pipes to each of the data sources in the tech stack, TapClicks does the heavy lifting and maintains those touchpoints; stakeholders need only build to one consistent TapClicks data warehouse to access all their data. This moves beyond simple data pulls but addresses the needs of “Export, Transform and Load” tasks.

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Calculated Metrics

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Look-back Comparisons

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Historical Analysis

What is an On Demand Data Connector?

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Great for Rapid Insights

  • Our On Demand Connectors fetch the data directly from the API, instantaneously providing agencies with near real-time insights. This ensures access to the most recent, relevant and accurate information driving better campaign decisions and strategies
  • Comprehensive coverage of diverse data sources, including social media, web analytics, CRM data, online advertising metrics, and more.
  • Provides near real-time data including custom metrics from Facebook Ads, Google Analytics 4, Adobe Analytics and many more.
  • Seamlessly export On Demand Connectors' data to Google Sheets.

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Reach & Frequency

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Impression Share

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Users & New Users

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Age & Gender


Google Analytics 4

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Amazon Ads

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Choozle Enhanced

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Apple Search Ads

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