TapClicks Data Lookups

Seamlessly connect and enrich your datasets for comprehensive analytics and insights.


Master Your Data with Advanced Lookups

TapClicks Data Lookups revolutionize the way you handle and analyze data by joining different sources on specific fields (keys). This feature enables the integration of additional metrics or dimensions from disparate data sources into your main dataset, facilitating enriched analyses and blended visualizations. With Data Lookups, you can effortlessly combine campaign performance data with conversion metrics, or any other related datasets, to create a more complete view of your marketing efforts and outcomes.


Data Lookups: Powering Intelligent Data Integration

Join on Specific Fields: Efficiently merge data sources using join fields such as campaign ID or Account ID, ensuring precise data alignment.

Inject Additional Metrics or Dimensions: Enhance your primary data set by adding fields from other sources, providing a broader context for analysis.

Blended Data Utilization: Utilize the newly integrated fields for downstream operations, including blended visualizations and calculations, enriching your data-driven storytelling.


Unify and Enhance Your Data Landscape

The integration of Data Lookups in TapClicks offers transformative benefits for your data analysis process:

Comprehensive Data View: Achieve a holistic understanding of your campaigns by combining performance data with conversion metrics or other relevant dimensions, offering a complete narrative of your marketing activities.

Enhanced Analytical Depth: Inject fields from multiple sources to enable more detailed and nuanced analyses, enabling users to uncover deeper insights and correlations.

Streamlined Data Management: Simplify the process of data integration and manipulation, saving time and reducing the complexity associated with handling multiple datasets.

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