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Marketing Dashboard and Reports

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Marketing Dashboard and Reports

Automated Order Entry and Workflow Management

Say goodbye to mindless hours lost hunting documents and redundant data entry, and say hello to happy teams and a faster order-to-cash cycle with this media company dashboard.

A single place for all your operations - with views for Sales and Account Managers.

Automate repetitive tasks and get everyone on the same dashboard with the click of a button.

Win back time to spend with your customers or make campaigns better.

Serve clients the way they want to be served, increase engagement and reduce churn.

Marketing Dashboard and Reports

Dashboards to Support Your Sales Teams and Enable Growth

Your sales teams are looking for help to meet their quota by retaining, attracting new, and up-selling existing advertisers.

The ability to display results in the form of a report or dashboard is an essential tool in the modern day media company’s sales toolkit.

Sales team are able to position themselves as trusted advisors, showing the results of their work, and making the case for upsell easy through explaining their data, or through recommending quick action in response to any downward movements.

Furthermore, advertisers come to look forward to their reports, making them more resistant to churn.

Marketing Dashboard and Reports
Marketing Dashboard and Reports

Automated Reporting That Scales Massively Streamlining and Lowering Costs.

Unify the look and feel of your products via a single platform, with stunning visualizations and your own branding.

Clients each get their own data and you get roll-up views of their performance.

Export in whatever filetype you like to work in- be that Word, Excel, PDF or Powerpoint.

Schedule reports daily, weekly or any interval that you or your clients want.

No more manual end of the month nightmare marathons of cutting and pasting from dozens of tools across thousands of clients. Make it all work at scale automatically, or modify with just a few simple clicks.

Marketing Dashboard and Reports

Future Proof Your Digital Omni-Channel Presence With Our 200+ Connectors

TapClicks’ over 200 native connectors to the most important SEM, SEO, Social, Video, Programmatic, Display, Email, and Call Tracking tools enables media companies to connect new products in an instant.

No more sucking up your IT resources or adding staffers to handle reporting overhead.

With TapClicks, new tools are integrated in a click into your existing unified dashboard and you instantly get highly professional looking reports. TapClicks takes care of the maintenance of these connections, and you get to scale and expand with ease.

Marketing Dashboard and Reports
Marketing Dashboard and Reports

Get Clear Visibility Into O&O Inventory Status via a Calendar Dashboard

Quickly see where you’ve unbooked inventory for your O&O products within the same platform you’re processing orders and managing workflow in a intuitive Calendar Dashboard.

Sort by day of week or drill in by properties, making it apparent what’s the status, where are their openings for different products, and/or where you need to take action, run a promotion, or call on repeat client to maximize the return on your native inventory and prevent any losses.

  • Mitchel Better

    "We currently have over 1000 advertisers in the TapClicks dashboard, which is monitored by our sales field and advertising clients. Our Sales field sells a wide variety of different digital advertising products. Everyone one of these products has an integration into Tap and is ready for reporting at the click of a button. The reporting in TapClicks can be as simple or as in depth as you would like it to be."

    Mitchel Better

    Digital Client Support Coordinator at The E.W. Scripps Company

  • Brian Page

    "TapClicks saves my team and myself countless hours a month in vendor reporting, vendor management and estimating accruals. Their consolidated vendor views, summarized dashboards, and widgets make us better. Furthermore, they listen to our feedback, keep us updated on what they are working on, and continually deliver. I see TapClicks as more than a platform — rather as a key partner of ours. And, one of our best."

    Brian Page

    Director of Digital Revenue Products at the E.W. Scripps Company

Configurable Software That Fits the Way Your Clients and Media Teams Are Organized

Gather clients into groups based on their category (e.g. automotive vs. retail), level of product offering or spend level (e.g. low vs. high revenue customers), by operations or sales manager (to see performance and how they are doing vs. peers), geographies, or however else you want to visualize data.

Drill in to uncover trends, make corrections, changes or optimizations with more more agility and stay ahead of the competition.

Split your instance based on properties or distributed teams with each their own branding to reflect the way your teams operate, and provide access in a way that matches and maintains an efficient hierarchy.

Get Faster Insights. Try TapClicks for Free.

Spend less time gathering your data. Increase client communication, reduce churn rates, and build revenue with the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform.

Marketing Dashboard and Reports Marketing Dashboard and Reports

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