You Are Formally Invited:

TapClicks, the leading unified marketing platform for analytics, intelligence, and workflow has created SearchLight: Finding the Future Together, a new thought leadership forum to inspire the future path of strategic data value creation. Our main objective will be to identify emerging trends in strategic data use, particularly among local media companies and local businesses, and help guide the future direction of data-driven marketing.

Here’s how the SearchLight Forum works:

SearchLight Forum discussions and explorations will derive from a combination of member-contributed experiences, research, and presentations from outside expert guests, as well as insights, gleaned from TapClicks’ deep data analytics.

SearchLight membership will be comprised of business leaders, academics, and renowned experts, widely viewed in their respective communities as thought leaders, each in their own, unique way.

Members will come from diverse backgrounds, across:

  • Media (OTT, Linear TV, Print, Digital, Audio, Experiential, etc.)
  • Geography (US and International)
  • Non-media tech, strategic services, and capital markets

The only thing missing is you. 

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