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Marketing data is spread across many different platforms. Bring your campaign data into one platform to gain deeper insights to drive more valuable business direction. Automate orders, workflows, insight and reporting, turning your vendor programs into engaging targeting, driving customer loyalty and growth.

Marketing Solutions Platform

Turn your vendor programs into a seamless, collaborative experience with TapClicks unified Marketing Operations Platform for managing and optimizing campaigns, analyzing performance and reporting on ad spend ROI. Future proof omnichannel presence with over 200 instant-on channel integrations. Simplify order entry and workflow through scalable, automated reporting allowing clear visibility into ad inventory performance.

Endless Customization With All Your Connectors in One Place

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Case Study: Umbrella

Drive efficiency & streamlined data aggregation for digital marketing. ​ “I’d recommend TapClicks to anyone that’s interested in making all their orders, workflow, and reporting better. We’re able to understand trends (and) it’s definitely helped us improve what we’re doing.”bringing insights and information very quickly, a unified view, and the ability to move between a lot of different products very quickly and in a timely fashion.”– Arto Torosoglu, Co-Founder and Head of Product

Manage All Your Data on One Platform

With all your data on one platform, measure the customer journey across all your offline and online marketing campaigns. Combine your data to tell a powerful story in dashboards and reports about your paid advertising, social media, content marketing, email, web analytics for your entire marketing mix.

“They helped streamline and automate the process, saving us enough in man-hours alone to achieve our ROI goals. Most importantly, we now have a tool that helps us attract new clients as well as up-sell and better retain our existing clients.”

– Greg Dowd, President
“TapAnalytics helps our clients toll up all campaign information in a single customizable dashboard, with on-demand reporting, saving a huge amount of time and effort.”

– Kevin Layton, Sr. Director Customer Success

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