Canoe is Your Partner in TapClicks Integration. We integrate and support the TapClicks marketing platform to simplify your marketing.
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We’ll help you navigate through these three areas of rough waters in TapClicks integration:

Roadblock 1:

Proper Setup

TapClicks is an extremely powerful analytics platform that is able to integrate with the countless other marketing platforms you use every day. Proper setup and integration is complicated, and not easily handled by in-house support.

Roadblock 2:

License Fee

Although extremely valuable in terms of return on investment, TapClicks’ licensing fee can be a signifcant barrier to entry for small to medium firms. Most simply cannot afford it.

Roadblock 3:

1:1 Support

TapClicks has a wide range of training material and free courses on their site, but limited access to one–on–one support for smaller accounts.

We Created Canoe To Be Your Organization’s Guide So You Can Sail Through The Complicated Waters Of TapClicks Integration And Support.


With Canoe as your partner and guide in demand generation your business can leverage the powerful benefits of TapClicks at a fraction of the cost, with white glove service and world class support.

SAVE $$$

Thanks To Exclusive Platform Agreements, Canoe Partners Get Enterprise Level Access To A Full Suite Of Marketing Technology At A Fraction Of The Cost.


Canoe Handles All The Software Setup, Integrations And Optimizations So Your Team Can Focus On Revenue Generating Activities.

1:1 Coaching

Every Service Level Includes Access To “Platform Coaches” To Assist, Train And Support Your Marketing Team.

Human Support

Book A Call, Send Us A Chat. A Real Human Will Get Back To You, ASAP, Guaranteed.

We’re Ready To Help You Reach Your Destination.

Yes, it’s possible for you to successfully set up and integrate the latest marketingtechnology SAAS tools into your business without help, but with the steep learning curves, high costs and potential risks, why go it alone?
Partner with Canoe to achieve better results with a better experience.We’re a marketplace leader in marketing SAAS set up, integration and support,and we look forward to serving your organization.

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