infographic template

Is the Value of Infographic Creation Diminishing?

It’s been a decade since the rise of the infographic in digital marketing. Coinciding with the advent of data-driven methods, was the infographic’s refinement into a tool that could disseminate large amounts of complex data and insights into concise, easily digestible forms that anyone could understand at a glance.

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keyword research

How to Conduct Keyword Research for Clients

Keywords are one of the pillars of search engine optimization. It lays the basis for your on-page optimization, which can, in turn, affect how you reach out for link building. For those that need a little primer on the science of link building, DFY’s link juice guide is perfect to get you started. For our purposes, we’ll focus on the keyword aspect of things.

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Customer Retention

The Simple Guide to Understanding Your Customer Retention Rate

In the vast ocean of performance metrics available to business owners, one particular measurement is somewhat neglected when compared to more “obvious” indicators, like acquisition costs or raw sales. Retention rate, which is related to churn rate, is a curious creature that’s a little tough to calculate customer norms in retention because there’s no real industry standard for measuring it.

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Marketing Reporting: The Art of Color in Visualization

It’s well-established that data visualization is a big part of modern business. It makes patterns clearer, digestible, and more visible; it can improve information storytelling and response time to emergent trends, and it can even help businesses make use of data that was previously inert and unused.

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ROI for clients

Showing ROI to Clients: The 3 Marketing Reports your Agency Should Use

As a digital marketing agency, proving ROI to a client can be a tall order at times, depending on the marketing strategy. KPIs wildly vary from client to client and even industry to industry and depending on the goal of a particular marketing strategy, it may be difficult to demonstrate any indication of ‘progress’ or positive ROI that your agency has been able to produce.

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