Why Use Web Analytics Tools Vs Raw Web Site Stat Data

Web Analytics Tools

Here is a question that most marketers and online users still ask from time to time: why is web site stat data so cumbersome? And what web analytics tools to use?

First, a web analytics tools are far more valuable compared to just web page stats. With the stats, you can only see lots of information on your search engine behavior and referrals, page traffic and your webpage downloads. That is about as far as the stats may go. They will not provide you with the needed interpretation. And as an average business user you will often need more than just raw data, you need the details. That is where web analytics dashboard comes in.

Web Analytics Dashboard Tools

The dashboard provides detailed information on the behavior of website visitors which is highly useful. It is a much richer information source for every marketer.

Web analytics solutions typically collect information on sessions for each of your web page visitors. The web analytics dashboard allows you a window into the behavior of every visitor to your site. Then it does not stop there. The tool goes further to provide interpretation of every visitor activity.

With this tool, you learn some finer details that you might have not noticed from pure stats. You see how the page visitor activity is likely to impact your marketing efforts and what you can do about it for better outcome.

You can actually analyze the web analytics dashboard data in pretty much any way you wish. Use the data to identify the search engines and the specific queries people used to arrive at your website. Or, study the individual behavior of these users to find out how you can optimize your site to serve them better. Remember, better service to the page visitors means increased chances for better ranking.

There is so much you can do. There is virtually no limit to how you can use the web analytics dashboard to improve your digital marketing work.

If you sell products on your site for instance, you will be able to see and monitor how people sign up on your forms or carry on with purchases. You can see how the numbers are increasing or decreasing.

Whether you want your users segmented for easier monitoring is your choice. This form of segmentation is one of the key benefits of the dashboard. Because then you can follow individual users through the website to determine the patterns of their behavior. Every behavior pattern you identify offers you a fresh insight for improving how you serve people.

Take an example, if you know the patterns, you can identify which pages in particular or content are producing the most sales. You can also observe usability issues which are causing users to exit your website.

With all these capabilities, any marketer can retarget their campaigns and use the huge volumes of daily data to create better email marketing campaigns, Pay per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), A/B testing and Affiliates.

If you feel like you would love to experience better marketing Campaign insight then just sign up for a demo or free trial. If you to ask there is always another blog you could read, like this blog on increasing team efficiency and reducing client churn.