The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide: Let’s Start with Social Media

Here at TapClicks, we have a lot of combined marketing experience and we wanted to share that experience with others to help them become ever better marketers. That’s why we decided to create the Ultimate Content Marketing Guide.

The guide is an ambitious project. It’s designed to be an in-depth, searchable, and living resource on all things content marketing. It’s an ongoing project that will cover all parts of content marketing, starting with Social Media.

Social Media Content Marketing Guide

The Social Media chapter focuses on:

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Content creation
  • Publishing and Promoting
  • Reporting and Analytics

The Social Media chapter includes all the information you need to build and execute a successful social media content marketing plan. The guide provides a detailed look into planning, writing content, posting, and understanding your social media data to improve your ROI.

The guide covers major strategies and tactics social media marketers use including thought leadership, lead generation, and content curation. It also advises you on writing content, publishing and scheduling posts, and how to connect social media marketing with your wider content marketing efforts including blog posts, multimedia posts, and customer engagement.

You’ll also find specific advice on

  • which social media platforms work best for your business objectives
  • what hashtags are and when to use them
  • how craft social media images that get clicks

Not sure how to use Quora or why anyone would post to Tumblr? We outline how and what kinds of content to post on each of these platforms and give you information on how to use ads or boosted posts to increase your reach.

What You Can Expect

Expect more to see lots more educational content as we build out the other chapters, and be on the lookout for related presentations, videos and infographics that we think you’ll find helpful.

We want to hear from you! Visit the Social Media Content Marketing Guide and take a read-through. Then let us know what you think!