Top 5 Tools Marketing Agencies Should use to Streamline Processes

Marketing is complex. It requires many different moving parts to function together seamlessly in order to streamline marketing processes. This includes various campaigns (email, social media, paid search, SEM, etc.), data analytics tools, reporting tools, workflow operations, client relations, key team players, and more. When you look at all of the responsibilities of a marketing agency objectively, it almost seems impossible that anything ever gets done.

However, with the help of the right tools, it is possible, and even easy, to streamline marketing processes and exceed client expectations. Here is a list of the top 5 marketing tools that will help your agency work more efficiently.

1. Salesforce

As a CRM software that is both powerful and scalable, Salesforce is a must for every marketing agency. Salesforce offers several products that help agencies connect with clients in more meaningful ways.

The main product of Salesforce is the Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud helps you manage your contacts and track opportunities from any device. Since it’s simple to login the cloud for both setup and operation, you don’t need any IT professional to come help you with logistics or training, making Salesforce one of the most user friendly CRMs on the market.

In short, the Sales Cloud will help you:

  • Nurture leads until they are sales-ready and then automatically send them to the right department
  • Make insightful decisions more quickly by being able to access all customer information in one location
  • Track your customer information and then close more deals
  • Increase productivity by allowing all team members access to the same portal
  • Integrates well with several other top marketing tools

Salesforce doesn’t quit at offering solutions for the sales team at your agency. They also offer similar, helpful, and robust products for:

  • Service
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • IOT
  • And more

Pricing varies and the best way to learn more about Salesforce and how to streamline marketing processes is to visit their website.

2. Zapier

Zapier is the perfect software to help you integrate all of the best benefits of your top marketing tools into one convenient location. With Zapier, you combine all of your different web apps (they currently have over 500 integrations), so the apps can share data.

Once all of your apps are integrated, you can pass information between your apps with workflows called Zaps. The best thing is you can customize what Zapier calls a trigger (or an action that will cause your workflow to be set into motion), and then the rest of the actions are automated, and you are notified of what action you need to take.

For example, rather than having to login to Gmail and Asana separately, you can simply set up a Zap that allows you to share information between these two apps. That way, when you get an email in Gmail, for example, that is relevant to your Asana tasks, it will automatically trigger your Zap and notify you, in one location, that you have a new task.

Rather than switching between several different software and updating your workflows manually, Zapier does it all for you. This way, you can build processes much more quickly and get things done in a jiffy.

Learn more about how to streamline marketing processes with Zapier here.

3. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is the software for marketing research, connecting with the right partners, and managing your relationships in a way that makes sense. To give you a better idea of how helpful BuzzStream can be to your agency, let’s look at each of these areas in a bit more depth.


BuzzStream helps you browse prospect lists as you search the web by organizing search results page into contact information. Once you see the best opportunities, you can automatically add them to your contact list with one simple click. BuzzStream will also automatically discover contact information, website stats, and social metrics for you when you upload a list of URLs that are of interest to your clients. Finally, BuzzStream will help you use that data to segment your contact lists, based on influence, page authority, past relationships, and more. This service ultimately helps you with outreach and link building.


BuzzStream doesn’t just stop with research. The software will also help you actually connect with the people you are working so hard to identify. Once you have collected the information you need from websites, BuzzStream will segment your lists, allow you to create a personalized message, choose when to send the message, and select times for follow-up. This helps you save time by quickly identifying the right contacts and connecting with them in a way that gets results.


BuzzStream also realizes the importance of campaign management. With BuzzStream you can track every action and get an instant view of every campaign status to see who has been contacted, who has said yes/no, and who you still need to contact. Additionally, your BuzzStream dashboard will show you your team’s recent activity.

BuzzStream has several packages available, and pricing varies. To learn more, visit the BuzzStream website to help streamline marketing processes.

4. Buffer

It’s difficult to run a successful marketing campaign without including every relevant social media platform. Some may say it’s as equally as difficult to manage all your various social media campaigns. That’s where Buffer comes in to save the day.

Buffer is the perfect tool to help with social media management. Rather than having to login to all of your different social media accounts, Buffer integrates all of the top social media platforms into one location, your Buffer dashboard, and helps you schedule your content from there.

With Buffer, you can schedule your posts based on the most effective share times for your industry, post to all of your social networks at once, and create content and images within Buffer. It’s a one-stop-shop for social media management.

Pricing and features vary. For more information, visit the Buffer website.

5. TapClicks

The last software that all agencies should have is TapClicks. TapClicks is the all-in-one solution that helps brings all important behind the scenes features of the marketing process full circle. In other words, TapClicks works in a unified way to assist with automated order entry (TapOrders), task management (TapWorkflows), analytics (TapAnalytics), and reporting (TapReports).

TapOrders helps with order management by capturing orders automatically from CRM opportunities and allowing you to enter client goals at the point of sale.

Once you have the details of your orders worked out, you can easily manage marketing processes from start to completion with TapWorkflows. TapWorkflows helps you easily manage ad operations, billing, fulfillment, and all other aspects of workflow management within the same system. This helps make your team better and your customers happy.

TapClicks also provides a robust and heavily-integrated analytics tool with TapAnalytics. TapAnalytics allows you to integrate hundreds of marketing tools (including the 4 mentioned above) to bring all of your data into one convenient location. This helps reduce time by being able to analyze all of your accounts at once.

Finally, TapClicks offers automated reporting with TapReports. This helps you get the right reports, error-free, into the right hands at the right time.

Learn more about TapClicks here to streamline marketing processes.


Marketing agencies are used to using several tools to help streamline marketing processes. However, they may not be used to saving time. In order to work most efficiently, it’s important to use the right tools and only the right tools. The tools listed above will help you unify all your touch points and eliminate inefficiencies throughout your marketing process.