TapClicks University: How To Generate and Automate Your Reporting

How to Generate and Automate Your Monthly Marketing Reports

Creating Client Marketing Reports

Creating Client Reports is easy and allows you to get information from all the services into one report.
1. Click on Reporting in the left-hand navigation menu.
2. Select Generate client report.
3. Select a client from the drop down menu.
4. Select your date range.
5. Select a reporting template.
6. Select a reporting profile. Reporting profiles give you full control over the data that is included in dashboards and reports. You can create a nd customize a reporting profile for a specific user or segment of users, ensuring that the right information is visible to the right audience.
7. Now Generate report.
8. On the bottom left you can Click to see exporting options. It can be emailed out, saved as an excel, word doc or PFD document.

Automating Marketing Reports

Scheduled reports is simple.
Create a new schedule report by selecting the plus button.
Chose who you want to send this report to.
Add the email of your send.

Choose how often you want the report sent out.
Specify the report type, format and add a reporting template if you’d like. You can simply use the default as well.
Do you want to compare the data to a previous period? You can include or exclude your charts and monthly summary.

That’s it, all it takes to generate and automate marketing reports in TapClicks.