TapClicks Elite Dashboard – Video Features Overview

The TapClicks Elite Dashboard Features Overview

TapClicks EliteDashboard

TapClicks Elite, the TapClicks Elite Dashboard allows users to create and design their own custom dashboards. Tell the story you want to convey to your end user  by using our many different widgets and visualization.

Elite Dashboard – Custom Widget Creation

Creating a widget takes just a few clicks. Choose from the different widget options. Title the widget whatever you want, and choose the data you want to display in the widget. Widgets can be resized, configured on the page, and even change the date range. Filter your dashboard by a specific client to create a report, or see a specific client’s data in your dashboard template. Export the dashboard to a PDF to generate a report on demand.These dashboards can also be scheduled and emailed directly to clients. Dashboards are assigned to client users via the reporting profiles, so you can be sure to only show the dashboards you want to clients or agent users.

Elite Dashboard – Categories

Categories- The TapClicks categories features allows you to group together different services so you can create widgets. Example if you want to create a widget displaying your SEM clicks, but do not want to have one widget with Google Adwords clicks, and one with Bing clicks, you can create a category called SEM (or whatever you choose to name it) and combine Adwords and Bing. You can even define the metrics within this category. You can then use this category when creating your widgets.

Elite Dashboard – Calculations

Calculations- Create your own metric by making a calculation off of other metrics we bring into the dashboard. Use this new calculated metric on your custom dashboards, in the widgets, edit them in the reporting profiles.

Elite Dashboard – Local Admins

Local admins, the local admin users can have control over their own clients at their local property . They can create their own users connect data create their own reporting profiles and custom dashboards.
Here at TapClicks we understand that every property is unique. You need to be able to create your own dashboard experience that fits your client and business needs.