TapAnalytics™ Gives You the Keys to the Kingdom of Digital Marketing


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Digital media offers many channels for outbound marketing campaigns-to choose from, evaluate, and optimize.

Five years ago, life was simpler… Now digital marketers need to be savvier than ever!

TapClicks TapAnalytics helps you leverage popular marketing channels and initiatives, for your company, your agency, and your clients.

  • TapAnalytics considers all these channels, in terms of the services your clients need, and helps you conquer complexity by integrating them.


Below are some categories of services we support, along with specific standard digital media integrations. We are constantly integrating more…just ask us!

Tapclicks digital market

In real time, cloud-based TapAnalytics automatically gathers, analyzes and displays key metrics for all campaigns, all clients.

Dashboards visually present the results of your campaigns. Email reports and alerts keep you posted instantly, so you know:

  • What? Ad identity, type, and size
  • Where? All placements
  • When? Start and end dates, with ad status
  • Results? Impressions, Clicks, and Click-Through Rates (CTRs)
  • How to optimize? Campaign performance analytics, scoring and relative success, with costs per channel, costs per campaign, and results

Dashboards and reports are fully customizable, so you can see a full agency rollup, as well as create individual dashboards and reports for each client. Reports can be delivered in HTML, pdf, Excelor MS Word formats.

Explore what our integrated marketing analytics capabilities can do for you, your management and your clients!