TapAnalytics Integration Spotlight: Partnering with Choozle

At TapClicks, we have extensive partnerships with the marketing services that we integrate within our own service. By opening up a window that allows us to ‘see’ the data they are collecting, we are able to provide users the information they need within our dashboard.

Choozle, Win Ratio and You

Integrations are partnerships that benefit you – and when choosing new partnerships, we make sure they have something to benefit our client base. And Choozle does that – simplifying audience research, enabling retargeting and optimizing ad spend.

The TapAnalytics dashboard focuses on ease of use and maximum actionable information within a your dashboard. Choozle gets that – and their simple and actionable performance metrics speaks volumes to helping the busy marketer focus their efforts on campaigns, not complex optimization strategies.

Through this partnership marketers can consolidate their digital advertising performance metrics into an unified TapAnalytics dashboard and understand the effectiveness of their campaigns across multiple channels to ensure they reach their ROI goals.

“The integration with TapAnalytics provides an excellent reporting tool for marketers that provide the analytics they need to evaluate ROI and scale their business,” says Andrew Fischer, CEO and Co-Founder for Choozle “We share a vision to simplify and automate online advertising, and our highly complementary systems will provide excellent ROI to our collective clients.”

How to Configure Choozle in Your Dashboard

To keep you focused on campaigns and not dashboard configurations, we made the TapAnalytics integration with Choozle as simple as possible. Grab your account information and let’s get connected.

  1. Log into your TapAnalytics dashboard (accountname.tapclicks.com) and click the Manage Services button.
    Manage Services choozle integration

  2. Use the Search function and type in Choozle.
    Choozle Search choozle integration

  3. Select Choozle and enter your account information.
    Choozle Icon choozle integration

  4. Add to your dashboard and assign to clients.
    Choozle Widget Digital Marketing Dashboard


And that’s it!

The TapAnalytics platform is constantly evolving – adding new integrations to create the most flexible marketing analytics platform on the market, period.