TapAnalytics 5.9 – Release Notes

Welcome to the latest version of TapAnalytics – Release 5.9.  This release contains:

  • New Integrations: iPromote, Nativo, Buffer
  • Easier Client Mapping
  • ​New Funnel and Area Graph Widgets (Elite)
  • Widget Filtering (Elite)
  • Dashboard Filtering (Elite)
  • Calculations for Services (Elite)
  • Geo Widget – Additional Services Available

New Integrations and Integration Enhancement to TapAnalytics

iPromote, Nativo, Buffer

Integration Enhancements:

  • Google Adwords Split – Additional Data Views:
    • Available for the following data views:
    • Ad Groups – Display and Search
    • Ad Group Breakdown – Display and Search
    • Age Details – Display
    • Ads – Display and Search
    • Audience – Display and Search
    • Calls – Search
    • Campaign Breakdown – Display and Search
    • Conversions – Display and Search
    • Display Keywords – Display
    • Display Topics – Display
    • Gender Details – Display and Search
    • Geo Campaign – Display and Search
    • Keywords – Display and Search
    • Keywords Breakdown – Display and Search
    • Placements – Display and Search
  • Facebook Ads – New Fields Added:
    • Action Breakdown
    • Objectives
    • Optimization Goal
    • Billing Event
    • Website Actions (All)
    • Offer Claims
    • Video Views
    • Post Engagement
    • Link Clicks
    • CTR (Link)
    • Button Clicks
    • Inline Post Engagement
    • Video Complete Watched Actions
    • Video Avg, Duration Watched
    • Video Avg. Percentage Watched
    • Video 25% Watched Actions
    • Video 50% Watched Actions
    • Video 75% Watched Actions
    • Video 95% Watched Actions
    • Video 100% Watched Actions
  • FaceBook Ads – Fields Removed:
    • Clicks as Clicks (deprecated)
    • CTR as CTR (deprecated)
    • CPC as CPC (deprecated)
    • CPM as CPM (deprecated)
    • Website Clicks as Website Clicks (deprecated)
    • Client CPC as Client CPC (deprecated)
    • Client CPA as Client CPA (deprecated)
  • Marchex – Added New Fields to Call Details
  • DialogTech – Added New Fields

By Request Only*

  • Google Adwords – Audience Performance
  • The Trade Desk – Site and Category Details
  • The Trade Desk – Device and Browser Details
  • Simpli.fi – Location / DMA
  • Simpli.fi – Device Type

*Contact your Account Manager for More Information

See the Full List of Integrations

New Features in TapAnalytics 5.9

New features released with TapAnalytics 5.9:

  • Easier Client Mapping
    • Add Clusters, Client Groups, and Reporting Profiles from the same screen.
  • New Funnel and Area Graph Widgets (Elite)
  • Widget Filters (Elite)
  • Dashboard Filtering (Elite)
  • Calculations for Services (Elite)
  • Geo Widget – Additional Services Available

Edit Additional User information from Connect Services

Assign Client Groups, Clusters, and Reporting Profiles right from Connect Services.

Now, when mapping up a new client in Connect Services, the Admin can also assign them to Client Groups, Clusters, and Reporting Profiles in the same screen. Time saved!
add a client to your account

You can see from the screenshot above that from ONE screen you can Add New Accounts AND Assign the account to a Client.

New Widgets: Funnel Chart & Area Chart (Elite)

Funnel Chart Widget

Display your client’s values in a decreasing proportion funnel shape, with rollover values. This is a fantastic way to display the results of an email campaign using “Emails Sent/Opens/Bounces/Clicks” or a Google Adwords campaign “Impressions/Clicks/Conversions.” See how-to video here for setup.

TapAnattyics Marketing Funnel Widget

Area Chart Widget

Compare your client’s metrics quantitativly across different vairlables like region, device type, medium etc.

TapAnalytics Marketing area chart widget

Widgets Filters (Elite)

Now you can filter by specific attributes in the Widget to control what data is shown and shape your story easier. For example: You want to create a widget that only shows 3 of your 10 active campaigns. See screenshot below showing the ability to now “Include” or “Exclude” within a Widget.

In this example we’re filtering on just the Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles Campaigns within a Widget:

TapAnalytics filtering within widget

Global Dashboard Filters (Elite)

You can now filter at the Dashboard level. The use case for filtering at the Dashboard level is if you have multiple widgets with the same filter and would like to edit them all at once. This only filters widgets with the filter selection enabled. It will change the filters for all widgets with filters for the same data source and field.

TapAnalytics Dashboard filtering

Calculations for Services

You can now create your own proprietary metrics using data from the multiple fields in a service. For example: You’re want to create a “CTR/VTR Calculation” — which is (Clicks+View Others)/Impressions*100. This is currently only available within single services.

TapAnalytics marketing metric custom calculations

Once added, this new calculation field will be able to set them as “active/inactive” in the Reporting Profiles. They will appear in Services Overview, Widgets and the Reports.

TapAnalytics marketing metric calculate VTR

Client Counts Included in Billing Info

Under the new Client Count column you can see the number of clients that are in your instance and download the list. This allows you to keep track of your client count per invoice. This is located on the Billing Info Page.

TapAnalytics client counts

Geo Chart Widget Update

Our Geo Chart Widget, added in the 5.8 TapAnalytics Release, is now available for the following services:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • DudaMobile
  • DudaOne
  • MediaMath
  • Nativo
  • Recrue Outreach
  • Simpli.fi
  • The Trade Desk

As a reminder, your account manager has to activate the Geo Chart Widget for you.