Marketing Analytics Dashboard: The Solution to Data Overload

It happens to even the savviest marketers: the data overload migraine. As a modern marketer, you know exactly what I am talking about. You have a ginormous stockpile of tools at your fingertips working to churn out data, analytics, and reports.  And, while these tools, when used correctly, can help you understand how your marketing efforts are paying off, there absolutely is a point when all the data can just become too much.

Without a way to smartly organize all of the data analytics platforms you use, data is messy, unmanageable, and, ultimately, unhelpful.

So, what is the solution to the data overload problem?

The solution is the TapClicks marketing dashboard.

TapClicks helps you capture all of the data you need to do your job, and also organizes data in a way that also makes it both convenient and actionable. Here’s how.

TapClicks offers over 100 Platform Integrations

The way to make sense of your data is not to pick and choose which data you pay attention to, or to only use to the data that you have time to manage. No, in order to make smart, data-driven marketing decisions, you need a 360 degree view of all your data.

At TapClicks, we have hundreds of integrations of all the top analytics platforms, so you can rest assured that all your data is properly accounted for. What makes TapClicks so special is that we integrate all your data points into one marketing dashboard. This makes it so you can conveniently see streamlined information about all of your marketing campaigns.

Rather than sorting through all of the data yourself, you can turn to your TapClicks marketing dashboard. Our integrations include programmatic, PPC, email marketing, call tracking, analytics, and social.

TapClicks Lets You Build Custom Views

Once you have integrated all of your data platforms, TapClicks allows you to see all of your data in a way that makes sense to everyone on your team.

How? Through data visualizations.

TapClicks helps you build charts, graphs, and other visualizations that illustrate the story the data points are telling you. You can also combine data to show growth and success in ways that numbers alone just won’t.

custom widgets for internet marketing reports

When you login to TapClicks, you’ll notice you can create custom widgets (pie charts, top performer numbers, big number visualizations, geo charts, etc.) that will help you and your team quickly visualize the most important data points.

marketing dashboard widget type

TapClicks Gives You the Right Data, and Only the Right Data

While TapClicks has robust reporting capabilities, we recognize that not everyone on your team needs every single number to do their job. In fact, that’s the whole point of TapClicks. We make it possible for you to get the right data, and only the right data.

We do this by offering customizable dashboards. When you login to your TapClicks account, you can build custom visualizations that include only the KPIs you need.

For example, let’s talk about social media marketing. Your social media marketing team will need access to telling data about social media marketing, but probably doesn’t need to know much about lead conversions, SEM, or email marketing.

With TapClicks, you can create a dashboard that is built especially for your social media marketing team. This custom dashboard will include widgets that show conversions from social media, twitter growth, LinkedIn followers, Facebook page reach and engagement, and more.

Your social media manager, as well as each unique member of your marketing team, has the ability to create a custom dashboard that provides the vital information (and only the information they need) in order to get their job done right.

custom internet marketing dashboard with visual KPI

At any time, the custom dashboard can be altered for better data efficiency.

TapClicks Quickly Shows You Your Top KPIs on each Custom Dashboard

One of our favorite things about TapClicks is the efficiency of our top KPI reporting. The Tapclicks “big number” widget allows you to create a visualization that will immediately show you top metrics that answer business questions.

For example, if you are in charge of the website, there are certain numbers you will want to see daily in order to accurately measure performance. These KPIs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Website visitors
  • Website sign-ups (leads)
  • Website conversion rates
  • Average session duration
  • And more

Once you integrate your website analytics platform data (Google Analytics, etc.), you can set up some “big number” widgets that will show you the results of these big KPIs in real time.

website conversion KPI in a marketing reporting dashboard

Think for a minute how much more efficient this is than logging into Google Analytics and your other website analytics platforms daily and then exporting the data into a report all by yourself.

At TapClicks, we like the motto of “set it and forget it.” We make it possible for you to set up a custom dashboard, and with one click be able to see all the important KPIs you need to see in order to make the right decisions.

TapClicks Helps You Automate Your Reports

Another way we help solve the data overload problem is by making report automation seamless.

Once you know what KPIs you want to measure, and who needs to see specific reports, you can create a custom report and set it to automatically send to your team members on a specific date.

Again, it’s all about set it and forget it here at TapClicks.


At TapClicks, we don’t want you to suffer from data overload ever again. That’s why we make it possible for you to easily integrate your data, set-up custom dashboards, access smart data visualizations and bring all of your data together in one convenient location. We work to make sure your data is real-time, smart, and automated. This helps everyone on your team make smarter and faster decisions.

For more information about TapClicks, visit our website today. Also, anyone on our team would be happy to help answer your questions or demo our product. We look forward to speaking with you.