Set Your Dashboard’s Default Homepage to Your Optimize Monthly Reporting

Now with the newest version of TapClicks all users have the ability to set the home screen they see when they first log in — allowing them to pick their favorite page, or the one they most use. Simply click on user settings. You’ll be able to pick from the Services Overview, a favorite Elite dashboard, or Categories Overview or Leads Management if you have that enabled. Making the your work flow a custom process to your marketing dashboard needs.

How To Set Up A Custom Homepage For Your Dashboard

Pick your home screen, Now you will be able to set certain dashboard or overview as your home screen. So when you login to your dashboard you’ll land on what’s most important to you first.

Selecting a Dashboard or Overview

Okay, it’s very simple first login to your dashboard, go up to the left corner and choose your settings, edit settings. Here we are, there is the reporting profile that’s important and the homepage default. Here you can choose the dashboard or overview. I am going to choose the KPI overview dashboard. Now I’m going to save it.

Default profile Setup

Now I’m going to double check on that dashboard that I do have the default profile set up. So just go into the edit dashboard and review the reporting profiles and yes the default profile is here. If it wasn’t here I could simply add it and save changes.

The finished Dashboard Homepage

Now we just log out and log back in and we’ll see our new homepage is the KPI dashboard we just set up, simple!