SEO Reporting Dashboard: Defining Good SEOs

What determines a good SEO professional from an ordinary SEO professional, it maybe just a simple detail such as the type of SEO reporting dashboard they are using. SEO professional work to a large extent depends on the type of tool you are using. Even as a qualified professional, it may be pretty difficult in certain circumstances to really come out as such without the requisite tools.

Which SEO Reporting Tool to Use?

Google Analytics is one such tool. It is an enterprise-grade web analytics solution that provides the best and most detailed reporting data. Of all SEO reporting dashboard solutions, Google Analytics remains the most dominant. It can make the work of a mid-level professional tower above that of top industry SEO veterans.

Who will bother to know whether you used a great SEO reporting dashboard or not? At the end, what really matters is the quality of output, not the means to that output. But, to you the practitioner, the means to that output matters the most because it is what is going to guarantee positive ROI on your SEO.

Google Analytics is offered free by the search engine tech giant Google. Google Analytics generates highly detailed info about your site’s or page visitors as you need it. The analytics break down the details in a manner that is easy to read that will help you pick the information at a glance.

You also get to see your overall web traffic and trends of that traffic as generated for your website. Smart experts who have realized the value of Google Analytics no longer use any other SEO reporting dashboards but Google Analytics.

Use all Reporting Dashboards and Tools at Your Disposal

There is no harm in using more than one SEO reporting dashboard. Rather, you can utilize data from more dashboards, but this may be a waste of time since Google Analytics act as the source of data presented by most of the other SO reporting dashboards.

So, if you are seeking to generate reliable analytics reporting then you do not necessarily have to check around for what might work best for you. You need just to give Google Analytics a try and see what results come around.

It should be noted that there are various analytics dashboards for different purposes. Not all dashboards perform all the marketing functions like Google Analytics. TapAnalytics marketing dashboard for instance is one other example of a comprehensive dashboard that provides numerous marketing analytics functions.

A smart way would be to identify which element of reporting you like the most with the Google Analytics and then use it for that purpose with your website. Then, you set aside the TapAnalytics marketing dashboard for specialized marketing functions. The idea is to use a selection of the best tools in the areas whether they best serve you.

And for the case of Google analytics, it is a good idea because other than being provided free, the analytics tool gets you up and ready to start analyzing data in a matter of minutes.  In addition, it is optimized to provide you with all necessary metrics you might want to use all the time. You will find these components highly useful on a day to day basis.

Once your account is set, there is no limit to the amount or range of data you can access in a split moment. Whether you intend to determine what marketing campaigns are not working, or you wish to assess the latest trend on your site’s CTR, you have that option. Google aims to make every website be successful at capturing new leads that can convert into great sales for the any business.

So now you must be wanting to try out Google Analytics, Try it out in TapClicks with our free trial or you can check out How To Customize your Google Analytics Dashboard.