Automate To Massively Scale Client Reporting For Media Companies

We’re all productivity-obsessed these days, it’s the reason Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Work Week spent 4 years on the New York Times Bestseller list and why Wordstream’s 20-minute work week clinches PPC management subscriptions. We want to do more things faster and better than ever before. Client reporting for sales, marketing and ad operations teams in media companies is no different. This is especially true for Media companies facing declining revenues, higher operating costs and commoditization of services in a highly competitive marketplace.  Automated reporting and client communication is mandatory for media companies that want to scale and increase their client base. Forward-looking marketing reporting dashboard companies are catching up by adding technology tools that do more of our tasks for us. Gone are the days where you have to build a new report every month from scratch, if you use the right reporting tool with the right features.

It’s time we use technology to make our lives easier. You’ll save time (and headaches) by using these features to scale your client reporting:

Clone Custom Client Reports at Scale

Chances are that your clients use several tools in common, and they probably have pretty similar client goals around growth and customer churn. Use an omnichannel reporting solution that gives your clients a full picture of how each of their marketing tools contributes to their growth and makes copying those reports to 100s of clients easy.

TapClicks reports translate easily to hundreds of clients, automatically. You don’t have to clone reports individually (and manually, ew) for each new account. Instead, TapClicks lets you assign clients to an existing roles and reporting profiles with custom metrics, whitelabeling, permissions, and dashboards.

Once you build a really cool client dashboard, use that as a template for the rest of your clients–no need to reinvent the wheel every month for every client. Think of all the time you save by scheduling your reports to send automatically. Your clients know what to expect from their reports and you don’t spend your life in Excel anymore.

Lead With Examples

You know how to manage your clients’ campaigns, but do you know exactly the right metrics to express how good your management is? Don’t worry, we’ve done a lot of this hard work for you by building Predefined Dashboards for each of the major marketing channels. Use these dashboards as templates to speed up your reporting.

The best way to use these example channel dashboard templates is to clone and rename the dashboard, and then take out the metrics that you don’t need. Next, add back just a few omnichannel widgets that show your campaigns in the context of your larger marketing strategies.

Schedule and Save Time

Hooray! You’ve made a beautiful custom and/or cloned from an expert’s template report. Pat yourself on the back, and then schedule that guy to send via email. Every month. Sure, you’ll check on the campaign before the monthly send so you know what to expect, but you’ll never build a last minute monthly report again. Think of all the time you’ll save every month when the client’s data goes straight into the report and sends without you lifting a finger or building one pivot table.

Doesn’t that feel good?

Break Down the Gates

Imagine this: your clients can access beautiful dashboards that show their omnichannel metrics and progress toward their marketing goals–any time of the month. Clients don’t have to email you, call you, send a carrier pigeon, or communicate via smoke signals to find out how their campaigns are performing. They log into their own custom dashboard view–on their own.

Removing yourself as a data gatekeeper can be scary, but giving clients access to their own dashboards is the ultimate in client communication at scale, because the dashboards are just waiting for clients to view them. How many hours–that you used to spend emailing clients about campaign health–could you regain every week by opening that gate?

TapClicks gives you unlimited dashboard users with granular access levels, so you can offer clients their full suite of campaign data.

Rinse and Repeat

Save time and communicate better with automated features like those you find in the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform. All the time you save when you automate, clone, and schedule the heck out of your client reporting leaves more time for the critical marketing tasks that you should be focusing on.

Ready to automate at scale to optimize your work week? Sign up for a free 14-day trial of TapClicks. It only takes 90 seconds to connect your data and make your first report. Or, sign up for a demo to get a custom walk-through of TapClicks.