More Predictive Campaign Management Software Tools from TapClicks

by: Colby West

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The world of technology is constantly growing, presenting businesses with more innovative solutions to marketing and sales problems day-by-day. In fact, at a recent conference Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, enthusiastically commented on one of the most recent and ground-breaking ideas in software development.

Benioff stated “this will be the huge shift going forward, which is that everybody wants systems that are smarter, everybody wants systems that are more predictive, everybody wants everything scored, everybody wants to understand what’s the next best offer, next best opportunity, how to make things a little bit more efficient.”

Thankfully, at TapClicks, we are one step ahead of the game. With our new products coming down the pipeline, we’re answering this call from Benioff and business owners alike by providing software that is the streamlined, intuitive, and innovative for marketing management.

Current Pain Points In The Marketing World

Before delving deep into how TapClicks software, it’s important to understand the main underlying frustration marketing agencies and teams currently experience. In other words, it’s important to understand why there truly is a need for more predictive marketing.

One of the top problems marketing agencies and teams experience, according to a recent study, is accurately measuring the ROI of marketing efforts. Simply put, most marketing teams have too many customer management tools and reporting systems, which leaves them unable to successfully manage return on investment (ROI) and work on campaign optimization. As a marketing professional, you are probably more than familiar with this frustration.

This problem is not just unique to marketing teams either. It bleeds over to the sales team as well, and often sales teams have too many work management tools and spend too much time manually producing reports. The inability to stay organized, effectively generate reports, and process orders quickly leads to higher churn and less customer acquisition. In turn, this leads to sales teams missing out on opportunities to make sales and earn both revenue for the company and commissions.

As a marketing professional or sales executive what would you say to a product that addresses this main concern?

Enter our vision for a TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform

TapClicks is soon to be offering a new and innovative Marketing Operations Platform that will solve this problem and bring your company into a whole new world of efficiency.  The operations management platform with include four modules that will each answer Benioff’s call in different ways:

I. TapOrders: Finally, an order management tool built with the sales team in mind.  

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TapOrders will answer Benioff’s call by:
  • Automatically organizing sales leads from the CRM
  • Reducing errors and eliminating missed opportunities
  • Allowing your sales team to easily generate invoices
  • Tying the sales story into the reporting story with customizable reporting tools


II. TapWorkflow: Advertising project and task management to enable better collaboration

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TapWorkflow will answer Benioff’s call by:
  • Getting work into the hands of the right person
  • Sending alerts and notifications for work that needs to be completed
  • Automatically routing work to the right person
  • Making sure alerts are sent at the right time with enough time to complete the task


III. TapAnalytics: Instant intelligence for your team

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TapAnalytics will answer Benioff’s call by:
  • Streamlining data visibility across your company
  • Automating alerts for campaign optimizations
  • Equipping management with measurement
  • Enabling extraction and connection to BI platforms


IV. TapReports: Automated reporting and client communication

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TapReports will answer Benioff’s call by:
  • Improving retention with automated reporting (this eliminates all possibility of human error in reporting)
  • Offering white label reporting which reflects and strengthens your value
  • Improving client communication
  • Saving you and your team members time that can be better spent on making better campaigns, or selling more


By integrating your marketing tools and accelerating every part of the order lifecycle, marketing, sales, and customer relations teams will now able to hyper focus on what is really important—optimizing marketing campaigns for better results, reaching out to more consumers, and keeping those customers happy.

In this day and age of fast paced and competitive marketing, your need more efficient software to help stay ahead of the game.  With the what’s to come in the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform, be prepared to sell more, better retain existing customers, and improve visibility and operations management across your organization!

colby-westColby West is the President & Co-Founder of TapClicks
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