Online Marketing Dashboard Use is on the Rise by Email Marketers

Marketers typically use software for their email marketing campaigns and online marketing dashboards are increasingly proving useful to them. A well designed marketing dashboard allows email marketers to easily track an email campaign as details unfold.

Most marketers are coming up with an even smarter way to go about the practice. They identify the services that work best for their businesses and make the service provider their preference.

TapClicks email marketing dashboard has increasingly been appraised by users. It allows users to track details in real-time and is optimized with the additional benefits of agile reporting features and instant graphics.

Here are some of the details on advantages that many marketers look for in their online marketing dashboard software.

Online Marketing Dashboard: Real-Time Reporting

Having a dashboard that allows you real-time reporting means that you get a glimpse into the progress of your email campaign as it unfolds. This means that any necessary adjustments can be implemented in real time.

Real-time reporting is highly essential for anyone involved in marketing campaigns as the marketer is able to monitor actual trends happening at the exact time. A real-time online marketing dashboard presents you with up-to data and immediate interpretations of your email campaign.

Both sales teams and the online campaign manager have access to the most accurate and serviceable data for their considered efforts.

Online Marketing Dashboard: Prompt Graphics Dashboards

Part of the most common feature that comes with the current online marketing dashboard is the instant graphics feature.

They are most vital for email marketing given their graphical appeal. Users want something that is more vivid, and the instant graphics provide you with just that. The feature is seeing an increasing popularity in email marketing campaign software.

They provide the users with a user-friendly visual interface. With the TapClicks dashboard, you can request for different graphical tools such as graphs and pie charts detailing the current statistics on your email campaign.

The idea is to ease the process of picking and interpreting data on the dashboard. In addition, the data pools together a lot of information so whatever can make it easier to interpret is of the essence.

The graphics also provide a variety of colors with options for easy-to-read formats and contrast. So at a glance you can single out the number of people who opened your email, those who unsubscribed from your email feed, and those who forwarded them among a number of other options.

Such visual reports can give impressions instantly for analyzing data, which is better compared to a listed report that can at times require some time to go through and understand. You are assured of getting information from these dashboards at a glance rather than pour through static reports for various parameters.

Online Marketing Dashboard: Flexible Data Mining

TapClicks online marketing dashboard offers flexibility of data mining. Email marketing managers can therefore instantly sort out data on their email campaigns by a host of parameters simply by hitting a button.

You can request to sort emails by those who opened the mail only, those who clicked on particular hyperlinks, or those who subscribed for given events. Interesting, TapClicks online marketing dashboard provides all these.

Despite the complexity of handling data from a mass online marketing campaigns, having a dashboard such as the TapClicks email marketing dashboard can simplify the whole process, saving you some really valuable time and trouble. Try it our for free or get a peronal demo, if instead you just want to learn more about marketing reporting you can read up on it here.