TapAnalytics: Digital Marketing Analytics for the New Age

Digital Marketing Analytics for the New Age

Ada lovelace

As Ada Lovelace knew, back in 1842, the digital age is upon us!

Ada was an English mathematician who collaborated with Charles Babbage on his early mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine, and the world’s first computer programmer.Thank you, Ada, for ushering in the new world of digital marketing and analytics!


The Future of Marketing is Digital!

Brands now build their marketing campaigns for the digital world, and certainly, you are leveraging multiple channels for your outbound marketing initiatives, for your company, your agency, and your clients:

  • Juggling Google Analytics, Google and Bing SEM campaigns, Facebook Ad campaign, Twitter reports, YouTube analytics, and email newsletters, to name a few.

In years past, proving the results of branding and marketing was notoriously difficult… And still, too often, it is difficult, tedious, or even impossible to report quantitative data on the results and relative success of these campaigns.

Now, the TapClicks Marketing Analytics Platform, with performance dashboards, helps you measure and direct all of your campaigns, across all of your clients!

  • Demonstrate proven value to your customers, or your management.
  • Summarize and report marketing campaign effectiveness…
  • And learn which are most effective, for future optimization…

Marketing Agency ReportingWhat are Your Challenges?

What are your challenges? Fast generation of reports….. client retention…. demonstrating ROI…?

Digital and local-media agencies,as well as enterprises, face increasing complexity in data aggregation and analysis, and the need for on-demand reporting, to better serve and retain clients. You want to measure your digital campaigns with metrics that are meaningful and actionable, not one-off accounting experiments, tedious tabulation, or fuzzy numbers.

TapClicks Marketing Analytics Platform can revolutionize the way you deliver results!




Marketing Agency Reporting ToolsInvesting in Better Measurement for Brands is Essential!

The TapClicks Marketing Analytics Platform for digital marketing analytics and campaign performance dashboards comprises six key modules.
Agency modules include:

  • Setup and Management: allows agencies to generate hundreds of dashboards for their clients in minutes, as well as a comprehensive, unified, agency-level marketing analytics dashboard and reporting platform for all clients and campaigns
  • High-level Agency Dashboard: delivering a unified view of all campaigns, across multiple clients, with cumulative performance by channel, cross-channel performance analysis, and intelligence based on all client campaigns
  • Channel Connectors: integrate a wide variety of channels, including Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing SEM campaigns,Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,email newsletter platforms, and others, aggregating enterprise or agency client data to effectively manage marketing campaigns.

Agents Console modules deliver marketing analytics value to the client, and include:

  • Analytics: Delivers detailed fact-based analysis to measure performance for each campaign, with trend analysis to identify patterns and behaviors, and scoring to rank, predict and improve campaign effectiveness
  • Intelligence and Insights: Insights provide meaningful information to help clients understand complex situations and rapidly make the right changes to campaigns, while intelligence, including roll-up analysis, helps them confidently make the right decisions based on critical information
  • Client Reporting and Dashboards: timely access, in a useful format, to all intelligence and analytics via a cloud-based Client Dashboard with interactive, on-demand self-service and automatic email reporting (HTML, PDF and Excel.) TapClicks believes that measurement, actionable marketing analytics feedback, and insights are critical in real time to improve campaigns as they run.

It’s All About the ROI: Win / Win!

On the business side, for digital and local media agencies, TapClicks can quicklyincrease both revenue growth and profitability:

  • Improved efficiency, with reduced costs
  • Customer retention, with reduced churn

And, your ROI is built upon the significant value and ROI your clients will derive!

Going Forward

We work with the industry and partners to help bring more great campaigns and brands online. TapClicks continues to expand across multiple markets, building upon its success with digital agencies and local-media clients. Clients which have already deployed TapClicks products include Digital First Media (one of the largest newspaper companies in the world);one of the largest yellow page companies; a national agency for TV and radio; a broad-based travel digital agency; and the Star Tribune. TapClicks has brought online more than 100,000 dashboards for small businesses tracking more than 250,000 digital marketing campaigns.
Please see what we can do for you!