Marketing Reporting: Save Time Every Day!

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Save on Marketing Reporting Time Every Day! Automate Reporting For Your Digital Agency and Your Clients

Are you spending hours every day, every week, doing marketing reporting for your management, your colleagues, and your clients?

  • Is this an onerous and tedious task?
  • And no matter how agile you are, the reports have a time lag between actual, and reported, results?
  • Could you find better, more creative, more productive ways to spend your valuable time?

Of course you can!

The Industry Problem: a Huge Time Sink

Studies have shown that many digital agencies spend up to 50% of their time creating and formatting marketing analytics reports.

  • The more clients you have, the greater the problem…
  • The more digital marketing channels you leverage for your clients, the greater the problem…


There is a solution, which can impact both your ROI and your personal effectiveness…

TapClicks Automates Marketing Reporting for Digital Agencies and Clients

TapClicks is a complete digital agency analytics and reporting platform, featuring:

  • Unified, configurable dashboards and scheduled email reports
  • Analytics and trending insights for marketing campaign optimization
  • Flexible account management tool, with self-serve setup and white-label capabilities
  • Top level management view of agency performance
  • Extensive integrations and data import function


TapClicks helps you unify reporting across all popular marketing channels and initiatives, for your agency and your clients, conquering complexity. In real time, cloud-based TapClicks automatically gathers, analyzes and displays key metrics for all campaigns, all clients. Dashboards visually present the results of your campaigns. Email reports and alerts keep you posted instantly.

And, these dashboards and reports are fully customizable, so you can create a full agency management rollup, easily configure appropriate dashboards reports for colleagues, as well as create individual dashboards and reports for each of your clients. Reports can be delivered in HTML, pdf, Excel or MS Word formats.

Explore what our integrated marketing analytics capabilities can do for you, your management and your clients! And contact us for a demo, and a free trial!