Marketing Intelligence Dashboards: What Wou Should Know

Marketing Intelligence Dashboards and The Power They Give Marketing Agencies

Information is quite an essential part of marketing and staying updated at all times is even more vital. That is where marketing intelligence dashboard comes in. It allows marketing professionals to not only see but monitor the competitive big picture of an enterprise.

Such information is very important. You are able to tell the current position of your organization and its standing in terms of resources.

You can actually use your marketing intelligence dashboard as a resource in positioning the enterprise relative to its competition. With it, you can be certain to drill down to a much detailed analysis in seconds.

Your marketing intelligence dashboard is a graphical interface displaying the current status of your business’ marketing metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators). This data visualization tool is chiefly used by marketing intelligence experts to assess the current status of an enterprise at a glance.

It consolidates and arranges different metrics, numbers, and sometimes the business’ performance scorecards on a single screen. You could tailor a marketing intelligence dashboard for a specific role or a general one depending on the preference and purpose.

For a specific role, the metrics targeted for one given department or point of view are displayed. The common essential feature of the TapClicks enterprise marketing intelligence dashboard is its customizable interface. It has multiple sources from where you should be able to pull real-time information or data.

While you can set up this graphical interface using common business apps like Excel, it is advisable that you acquire one from specialists like TapClicks that offer additional useful features. Vendor such as Microsoft and Oracle also offer enterprise dashboards but these may go for slightly higher costs.

Marketing Intelligence Dashboards vs. Performance Scorecard

While both the intelligence dashboard and performance scorecard are known to translate strategy into business accountability while measuring progress, the two are not exactly the same.

The intelligence dashboard is likened to the dashboard of a car. It helps in indicating the marketing status at a precise point in time.

A performance scorecard on the other hand displays progress that is made over a period of time towards particular goals. It is worth noting though that given the related nature of both progress on record and the progress being made at the moment, both marketing intelligence dashboard, like other business intelligence dashboards are increasingly converging with performance scorecards in terms of design.

Here is a good example of this trend: some marketing dashboard products have the option for tracking progress towards a given goal, which is typically the reserve of a performance scorecard.

From this concept, products that combine both the elements of a dashboard and those of a scorecard are alternatively referred to as scoreboards.

There is a deliberate move today to place less emphasis on distinguishing marketing intelligence dashboards from performance scorecards. Instead, more attention is being shifted toward the overlap between these two performance approaches.

Ultimately, both your intelligence dashboard and the performance scorecard are concerned with the same thing: measuring of the performance of your enterprise against pre-determined key performance indicator (KPI) metrics. The information is then communicated in interactive and easily understood reports.

If you want to find out about Marketing Intelligence dashboards check out our free trial or contact us for a custom demo. If you want to learn more about marketing dashboards check out our blog about What is a Data Dashboard.