Marketing Dashboard Tradeoffs: Build vs Buy

You know the value of digital marketing platforms for reporting and analytics…..

Build a digital marketing analytics dashboard

  • To decrease reporting time
  • To increase client satisfaction
  • To improve operational efficiencies
  • To conquer complexity of the increasing number of digital marketing campaign channels you leverage


But what is the best approach? To build your own, or invest in a standards-based platform solution?

Four key considerations to help you make the right decision for your company:

Marketing Analytics Marketing analytics dashboard








TapAnalytics™ Dashboards and Reporting for Digital Agencies and Marketers

TapAnalytics is an all-in-one analytics and reporting platform which can help your digital agency clients stay on top of their campaigns, demonstrate marketing ROI to their management, and deliver proven value. Let’s look at some of the key features available in the state-of-the art TapAnalytics platform: click here!

How long would it take your team to develop this solution?

And to support it? Support and services represent additional “hidden costs.”

TapAnalytics Extended Services Include:

Marketing Intelligence Marketing Reporting Tool













Play It Smart!

Gain leverage, use our best-of breed solution and avoid the time, expense, and distraction of building your own dashboard. Profit from the continuous enhancements and support delivered by TapClicks.

Explore what TapAnalytics integrated marketing analytics capabilities can do for you, your management and your clients! And contact us for a demo, or a free trial!

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